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  1. Go For it is right, I only ran into 1 Engineer on the Herks that I didn\'t get along with. that was 7 years on the aircraft. There\'s some talented oldtimes on this like Muff or Uncle Glenn, Uncle Glenn, had a talented Nose. He could smell a fuel leak in Rainstorm
  2. I stand by Humble, one more fact, there may be some ties with this board. The Flight Engineer, who ruined Bob Daly, was in the 21st at that time frame to. He may have had a little influence. Rg Glenn Glenn Have not heard from John for awhile, How is he doing? Bob
  3. His humble beginings were as a Trash Hauler, in the old 21st TAS, for a man who who has acheived what he has, I also remember the IP who took Norty on his first Pilot Trainer at Clark, JGH Jackson, telling us we better nice to him, we would be working for him someday. Rg Glenn:woohoo:
  4. If my memory serves correctly, ol bunch of 7\'s went to Kadena, then on to Yokota. This happened in in Oct of 73. The only 63 model that went south to Clark belonged to E Flt. Bunch of 7s could be hard to get off the ground, but flew pretty good.
  5. His real name is Wes Witherspoon, I talked to him a few years ago, he was doing OK. I for got to ask him I he still makes that concoction he used to make \"The Green Spoon\" potent. Rg Glenn
  6. The Spoon was at CCK and Clark in the 21 TAS E Flt & Banzai McClain came over later and was assigned to the 345th TAS at Yokota, :woohoo: glenn
  7. You worked with you had at the time. Rg Glenn
  8. Ahh dear old Garden Plot. We used to sit on that alert on 141\'s at Charleston. 12 Hours Pre-departure when called. Alot of the married guys liked it because they could plan a weekend. Rg Glenn
  9. We had Metric Pallets of different lengths we used for airdrop. Jim talk about using barrels for unloading married pallets. True, but they had a 3 train at Saigon singed by a whole bunch of loadies. Used to keep up the tonage hauled. I hauled it Phan Rang and their 25K was broke. The people at Phan Rang were upset to say the least. Saigon knew it was broke. I had to use the Forklift Extraction System to unload it. Rg Glenn Secrest
  10. The Tail No. 1855 sounded familiar, checked my old Form 5, and I do have a few hours on the Bird. It was at CCK and Clark in the 70\'s. in fact I think it was a Gray Ghost (E Flt):woohoo:
  11. I don\'t think it went to Clark. When CCK closed, all the 62\'s & 64\'s went to Clark and the 63\'s went to Kadena. Wait a minute, E Flt had one 63. Rg Glenn
  12. By way Graywolf, we have 2 of the 776th\'s more infamous characters around here, Arne & The Preacher.
  13. That is Taiwan Beer, I think it\'s Pi ju,
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