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  1. hehe

    Icing Conditions

    DTIC is where all Air Force Research and test reports get databased. Ill do a search and see what I can find. Is there a certain model of FLIR that you are looking at?
  2. hehe

    Icing Conditions

    I don't know that it was ever designed to completely de-ice. I believe the heating is only there to prevent the image from being obstructed. There are plenty of models that have no de-ice or heaters built in and they work fine. I believe the original picture you posted is a model without heating. Do you have access to DTIC? I find a lot of good reports on that site and it might be a good place to look for this.
  3. hehe

    Icing Conditions

    It looks like an N-model, def not a B-model for sure. Maybe he meant nice "P-model"?
  4. hehe

    Icing Conditions

    I have worked many C-130s with FLIR and never seen accumulated ice on them, especially not enough that would alter airflow. Of all the designs, the one you pictured is one of the smaller FLIR designs. Have you seen the MX-25? Huge FLIR, and they are operating that on the C-130J which has dual pitots on both sides of aircraft. Is there a problem you are seeing that you think is caused by ice build-up on FLIR?
  5. hehe

    Icing Conditions

    I am unaware of any icing limitations, I would have to dig through ops manuals to see but i can say that some models have window heaters that prevent ice build-up that could block the camera.
  6. hehe


    You got quite a bit wrong here. 1. The rod end bearing are slip fit. If they fall out its just because the adhesive has failed. Those bearings are literally glued in. I have rebuilt/overhauled hundreds of them, the bearings slide right in and get glued in place, I have never seen one become loose enough that it would cause a shimmy, even if the glue fails. 2. No fluid is ported during shimmy dampening. The control valve goes to neutral and the sprung piston accumulator in the control vave takes the shock from the actuators to prevent abrubt movements. Fluid is ported during steering mode only.
  7. hehe


    The only thing I can think that relates that ECBU #12 to this problem would be the tail section cannon plug disconnects. Similar to what you found near booster, there are huge cannon plug disconnects aft of the #12 ECBU. They are where the tail section electrical system ties into the fuselage. Check those. You might have moved some wires into a good position during that ECBU swap.
  8. hehe


    Five total? Same aircraft? Same engine? or just five across your fleet? mounting bolts or bolts on generator?
  9. hehe


    Yea I still think its database to MFCD. shoot 1553 to MFCD
  10. hehe

    TCTO 1C-130H-548 and 1-C130-1545

    Meant to reply to you. I cant send you these to another country. You need to contact your FMS representative or reach out through TCG if you cant find what you need. If you were US, I could send them to you
  11. hehe


    Sent you a PM.
  12. hehe


    Are you getting an ADS Airdrop Light on the ADS panel in flightdeck when ramp/door are both full open at ADS position? If so, it is the wiring that gives that signal to the MFCD. If you dont get ADS light in flightdeck, it is the ramp/ads arm switches.
  13. hehe

    EB-66 FE

    Airmen Third Class
  14. hehe

    TCTO 1C-130H-548 and 1-C130-1545

    Find someone with PDM gateway access. if you have a military email address, I can send them to you.
  15. I am looking for information about the first C-130 delivery to USAF at Ardmore AFB in 1955. I believe I have a resin model of the C-130A that was presented to TAC commander by Lockheed during the aircraft delivery ceremony. It is 100% dated to Ardmore AFB and sometime between 1955 and 1956. Can anyone help out?