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  1. hehe

    TCTO 1C-130H-548 and 1-C130-1545

    Meant to reply to you. I cant send you these to another country. You need to contact your FMS representative or reach out through TCG if you cant find what you need. If you were US, I could send them to you
  2. hehe


    Sent you a PM.
  3. hehe


    Are you getting an ADS Airdrop Light on the ADS panel in flightdeck when ramp/door are both full open at ADS position? If so, it is the wiring that gives that signal to the MFCD. If you dont get ADS light in flightdeck, it is the ramp/ads arm switches.
  4. hehe

    EB-66 FE

    Airmen Third Class
  5. hehe

    TCTO 1C-130H-548 and 1-C130-1545

    Find someone with PDM gateway access. if you have a military email address, I can send them to you.
  6. I am looking for information about the first C-130 delivery to USAF at Ardmore AFB in 1955. I believe I have a resin model of the C-130A that was presented to TAC commander by Lockheed during the aircraft delivery ceremony. It is 100% dated to Ardmore AFB and sometime between 1955 and 1956. Can anyone help out?
  7. hehe

    Tyre of c130b ac

    I like to think aircrew did nothing wrong but yea its possible especially aft wheel
  8. hehe

    Tyre of c130b ac

    Assuming you performed fault isolation and normal operational checks, Check back pressure of brake system (should be under 70 PSI at each wheel, if one brake reads 10 psi or more higher, look farther) , check minimum brake pressure (should be over 1700 psi and max around 2030 and should be equal between left and right under same pedal pressure), check electrical grounds for anti-skid control valves (ensure they are tight and not corroded), check anti-skid control valve filters (if dirty, replace), check brakes for ability to return (watch pressure plate return after pressure release, should return equally), check tranducers for smooth operation and check voltage output with drill. If you find nothing, replace parts in this order. 1. anti-skid control box. 2. anti-skid control valve. 3. transducer Without being there and being able to look at it, this is about best I can offer. Tons of things that could cause this but most involve electrical signal between transducer/box/valve.
  9. thats a fleet lol. dont get so caught up on it. that article is trash anyway. no real info there
  10. This one just flew today https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N120TG
  11. International Air Response flies some very regularly. Most A models flying are confused as L-100 because if their civilian use. I can get you tail numbers later
  12. i get your point but.....There are still quite a few A-models flying.