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  1. What is procedure to achieve the license munir abbasi
  2. Mr sajjad is looking for jab. retired from air force . he has lot experience of c-130 electromech/avionic sajjadhanan@yahoo.com munir abbasi
  3. NATOPs1 iS IT SEAL SWITCH munir abbasi
  4. Black & yellow bars lines marked on fire emergency control handle,as well as Brake selector ,switch Elevator trim power switch, fuel dump pump switches, engine condition lever feather selection, what is purpose of these cross bars poles? Munir abbasi
  5. Check HI torque system (Circuit ,SW, Valve)
  6. thanks hehe munir abbasi
  7. C- 130 hercules , hercules is brand name of c-130 or any other history munir abbasi
  8. tinyclark funny answer, TO IC-130B-1 page 170 AIRCRAFT BATTERY: I did not ask the location of battery, my question is two rating of battery are mentioned ie 24 volts 31 amperes in one hour discharge rate , 36 A in 5 hours discharge rate , is same battery, only discharge rate is different or two different batteries Munir abbasi
  9. c-130 fuselage is divided int 3 imaginary lines FS, WL and BL. it is mentioned BL zero line but FS started from 30.4 and WL started 105.4 , where is zero line of FS and WL Munir ABBASI
  10. Lkuest RPM different, we have replaced the pulse generator , no hydraulic found in coil N0 2 or N3 selected master rpm different from slave engine. it happen sudden munir abbasi
  11. We are facing prop synchrophaser problem, after one hour of flight either master selected(2 or 3) auto disengaged( slaves engines not following) Resyncing held procedure got normal but again master selected disengage its own after 30 to one hour of flight. we have replaced valve housing all, electronic control unit, wiring checked got no effect. the problem does not duplicate on ground as well as short mission Munir abbasi
  12. Two different capacity of battery are mentioned in TO IC-130B -2-7 and TO IC-130B-1 , 24 volts, 36A in 5 hour discharge rate and 31 AH, i could not understand , either different batteries or same battery but AH is different. No expertise opinion in this thread Munir abbasi
  13. How C-130 integral dump pump pressure can check on aircraft
  14. Why landing is used in day time
  15. Hello expertises Sychrophaser master SW label OFF 2 & 3 selection Why it is not label 1 & 4 as master any technical reason. Regards Munir Abbasi Home hercules Pakistan
  16. Tiny clark thanks for useful contribution, still i could not clear my query, ICE detection system, no aircraft wiring for #1 & 4 if we removed inboard engines ice detectors & installed on outboard engines, is system will work? No so why ice detections are provided from in inboard engines. is it due aerodynamic reaction. Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan Munir Abbasi
  17. Ronc Thanks, my question is # 2 & 3 ice detections sys are working parallel Test simulation also 1 & 2 if we remove the inboard engine detectors & installed outboard engine it make no difference regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  18. Sharif Why you are using TD tester to isolate the problem.the problem would be electrical connectors pins bad contacts regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  19. Hello Expertise Inboard engine are furnished with ice detectors system, why these are not installed in outboard engine. any technical reason Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  20. Minhas Rawalpindi home of hercules Munir Abbasi
  21. Where i can collect from you Regards MunirAbbasi HOME of hercules pakistan
  22. herky400M FF TX measuring FF before entering fuel manifold. there several adjustment as per procedure in TO 1c130-2-4 ie TD Null Normal adjustment and FCU adjustment so adjust the engine as parameter lay down 1c-130B-1 & ic-130B-2-4 Munir Abbasi Home ofhercules Pakistan
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