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Google map of Vietnam airfields


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Hi Ken,

I originally just wanted an overview map of South Vietnam for http://vietnamairlift.com. Then I realized that with Google maps I could zoom in on the actual airfields and index them for other folks' use.

It took a few hours to find all those fields, but the Tactical Airdrome Directory gave me the coordinates I needed for the more obscure ones like Dong Ha. Glad you were able to "visit" those old places again.


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Fine job Alan. I zipped over to Ban Me Thuot and looked it over. Hadn't seen it since we flew in about dusk with a load of Mogas in 55 gal drums on pallets. Called for the spec. forces guy with the forklift to unload and they called back and said no can do GI, to close to dark. Everyone except the pilot helped unload that whole load by hand. We chained a pallet to the ramp and as we rolled the drums off, the pilot would taxi forward. About 10 billion grasshoppers were all over the drums and after about 20 drums we couldn't hardly stand up it was so slick. We were outta Clark and it was 1970. Anyone on this board on that flight. I don't remember any names but I sho remember the hard work! Bill

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