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63-7823 Mystery


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Im so glad we got rid of 7856...that pos should be burned, crushed, dipped in acid and urinated on by a pack of wild dogs.

the 2 months that plane was grounded to tear the #3 truss mount off TWO times because NDI forgot to inspect it the first time. get it back together then a month later it was headed to DM.

We were glad to see it go last week. Except the next day we got 7884 from ramstein in its place.

Please get as many pics of 7856 being torn apart as possible lol

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Last week it was sitting on the weapons test ramp. Closed up and chained down, all 4 feathered with the externals removed and sitting in cradles alongside. No work being done that I could see.


I do not know exactly what i can say but here is a link to a previous thread that 7872 is at the weapons ramp for. Here is the link to the other forum. http://herkybirds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=961

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