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  1. My 2 cents. I think you need 2 switches like greatdesires said. On AFSOC aircraft we have 2 switches. One is strictly for intercom and the other is for whatever you have the wafer switch in, weather this is a radio or private. Also it needs to have a range of about 350 feet back to the base unit for doing FARP operations. I, being a lowly flight engineer cannot guarantee that AFSOC would buy it but those are the things I can see from the get go that AFSOC would require.
  2. Jansen is right. There are several differences between the planes. There are also differences in the MC's. There are 4 different MC's right now with differences between each of them. It just all depends on primary mission. Google MC-130E, MC-130P, MC-130H, MC-130W. This will explain a lot more and tell some of the extra equipment and different missions of these aircraft. I almost forgot we now have the MC-130J.
  3. As far as I know they were doing some of the weapons testing for the program you are working on with the slick and I have no clue what they were doing with the C-27. I think they were gonna do weapons testing on it until they decided we did not need a C-27 gunship.
  4. mc130pfe

    PCSing soon

    Cannon does not have Talons.
  5. 2 Pilots 1 Nav(CSO) 2 Loads
  6. Go on the Global and look up Hurlburt and 9 SOS Pilot distro list and send them an email there are quite a few of our pilots that are qualified on the J. As of right now they are duel qualed on MC-P and C-J. They fly EC-130J just to stay qualified and as of right now there have been no MC-130J aircraft delivered. We are slated to start PCSing our J qualified guys next year to Cannon where they will get the first aircraft and set up the TTP's for the MC-130J and go from there. Hope this helps.
  7. We usually fly with it in the 6N position for emergency situations. If you have to bail out of the ramp and door and have lost a/c power all you have to do is move the valve one position to start opening the door like Hush said.
  8. Here is a new Combat Shadow Heritage Facebook group. http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=124840340876762
  9. Dan we have an Overt/ Covert light now. Most of the time we do not use them but sometimes the user requests it.
  10. There is a nav on the HC and MC J he is the combat systems operator they are talking about.
  11. I do not think all of the flight control boost packs should be turned off either.
  12. That last picture sums it all up.
  13. My Favorite sound is the Herky Growl. You know when all 4 are in LSGI and throttles are pushed forward enough to make the engines quiet, then the pilot pulls them back into the GI Detent and she makes a growling noise. That is an awesome sound.
  14. To Mooseherc and everyone else in this thread. I am sorry if I came off as an A hole with the comments that I made. Everyone is right about apples and oranges. Both aircraft were designed for totaly different missions. I fly on Papas out of Eglin, and yes I did defend my old job as I was a KC-130 Airframes Mechanic in the USMC. I love the herc. She is my baby. God never allowed anyone to build a better plane.
  15. So when was the last time you saw a C17 slow down in flight to 98 knots to refuel a helicopter, That POS would fall out of they sky. How many have you seen with guns sticking out of the side. How many of them have you seen do the jobs of so many herks out there that you probably have no clue about. Maybe you should do a little research before you come on a herky lovers site and start bashing it.
  16. We are removing the Flare Tubes with the Duel Rail mod. I do not know if heavy equipment has been tested with tubes or not. We mare not looking to get heavy equipment qualed either.
  17. There is a guy who was pipeline to FE. He now flies on Shadows. He was at Pope initially on slicks and then went to shadows. He is the only one I know of that was successful. I think there was about 5 of them in his class but he was the only one to make it.
  18. They even changed it from RO to AMSS in our checklists.
  19. Bad on me i always forget about Kirtland. I try not to think about that place as much as possible.
  20. The ANG MC-130P are papa's mainly in designation. They carry the rescue mission. They still have the setup that the papa has but they have the same radar that the HC's have. I think there crew compliment is different also. I think they have some other candy too, but i am not sure without looking in the -1. Also where are the 23 MC-130P's I do not count that many unles you do count the ANG ones.
  21. For AFSOC the MC-130J is supposed to replace all of the MC-130's That includes Tallon 2's. I do not know what that total comes to but when you replace everything that could be quite a few. The Tallon 2 will be around for a lot longer but it is going to take some time to get enough j's to replace everything. Also you have to populate Cannon, we didn't take it over for no reason.
  22. That just aint right. How much is a J-model compared to 9 mil. Seems like a good idea to me. You also get rid of the nav so that is even more savings.
  23. Those are still used on the P Model
  24. I havn't seen the T-1 tanks you speak of at eglin but there is a butt load of shadow tanks sitting under a canopy by the hanger on the SOF ramp. In 4 years on the Shadow the only time I have seen a benson on the AC is at Kirtland when I went through Initial qual and Instructor school. We are accually removing all of the rubber hoses and quick disconnects that are on the airplane. It will take a lot longer to install one if we ever have to do it.
  25. I do not know exactly what i can say but here is a link to a previous thread that 7872 is at the weapons ramp for. Here is the link to the other forum. http://herkybirds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=961
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