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C-130J Simulator


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Hallo everybody,

i am currently planning to build a fullsize cockpit replica for hobby flight simming based on MS Flightsim. There are tons of informations out there in the web about Boeings and Airbuses, but not too much about the Hercules. So I wonder if this forum could be the right source of information for me. There are so many questions without answers, although there are many pictures available in the web. Pics tell a story about the look , but not about the feel.

So here is my first question:

In the Gear/Landinglight module are on the right upper side two indicator lights? labeled Motor and two 3-position? switches labeled extend/hold/retract. I assume that this refers to the retractable landinglights in the main gear bay. How is the operation of that motors? What is the pupose of the hold position?

Thanks + Regards


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Those are for the landing light on the wings. The hold position is really just the off position. It allows the light to be stopped in intermediate positions. If I remember correctly the switch should also be positioned to hold when the lights are fully extended or retracted to prevent unnecessary wear on the motor.


The lights on the wheel well door are taxi lights and are fixed position lights.

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My question "Are the indicator lights on during transition or in the fully extended position?" was not clear - it refers to the lights over the motor switches. Are they lit during transition or in extended position of the landing lights? Do I interpret the pics right that the landing light switches are equipped with green LEDs? If yes, I suppose they are on as the landing lights are on.

But there are additional questions concerning the gear-part in that module:

How is the action of the gear lever? Just up an down or must the lever be pulled out prior the up/down-movement?

What about the lock release button? Just a push button? (or with a light?) In which situations is the gear lever locked?

Thanks in advance for your support - no picture can give me the answers you can give guys!

This forum is great! This is what I looked for for a long time!

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Not sure how much help I am on J's, but on other models there's a gate that you have to move to raise the gear. I'm assuming the J-model uses that red button labeled "Lock Release" to actuate the gear, I could be wrong. As for the lights, I seem to remember talking to a J-guy and he mentioned they blink in transit. Not sure how true that is or if it's been changed. I'll ask at work tomorrow and see if anyone knows.

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That gate (guard) on H models and older is controled by the touch down switchs. When the wheels comes off the ground the gate flips away, when the gear is on the ground it comes back over the lever. It is a safe guard to help from putting the gear on the ground.

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The gear handle is just an up or down handle. The 3 indicator lights go red when the gear is in transit and full green when they are down and locked. The lock release button is used to override the Weight On Wheels (WOW) signal. The WOW energizes the gear handle solenoid when no weight on wheels is detected. The indicators on the landing light panel illuminate only if the lights are not fully retracted. Hopefully this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.


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The light is OUT when the gear is not down and locked and green when it is down and locked.

Landing Gear Position Indicators.

A left main gear position indicator, a nose gear position indicator, and a right main gear position indicator are located on the landing gear control panel. These indicators give a visual indication that the landing gear is down and locked regardless of the position of the gear handle.

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Thanks a lot guys!

So let me put together what I learned from you:

- The indicator lights on the right side illuminate only if the lights are not fully retracted

- the motor switch is a 3 position switch and moves the retractable landing lights

Open question:

Is it right that the landing light switches are equipped with green LEDs?

Landing gear section:

- The handle is just an up/down handle and is illuminated red when the gear is in transition

- the indicators go green when the landing gear is down and locked.

- the gear handle is locked when Weight On Wheels is detected and released when no weight on wheels is detected.

- the lock release button is to override the wow-signal

question: can anybody describe me a situation when wow is detected and I want to override that signal??

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  • 8 months later...

Hi guys,

nearly one year ago i asked some questions concerning the functions of the landing gear/lights module of an C130J and got great help from you guys! Thank you!

Now the first built module is ready for assemby :-)

Well, this is not lightspeed and with this kind of progress this project will accompany me in my retirement, but tha doesn't matter. Its fun an not profession.

Thanks to all and I will post further questions if necessary!

Greets from Bavaria

The Progress will be documented at www.thomas-heinke.de

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  • 2 months later...

very impressive. just keep in mind the J is a dark cockpit, meaning that if the pilot doesn't need to know about it there will not be a light illuminated. The landing light indicators are only on to let them know they need to retract them and there is no need to illuminate the gear handle or gear indicator lights if they're up and locked. This applies throught the cockpit lighting and instrumentation.

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