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  1. How can I get a copy of Lars Olausson Lockheed Hercules production list
  2. I was there at that time as night shift maintenance. I was off that night and they came back to the bks early that night looking for the crew chief. I flew with that crew right several nights before that night.
  3. I did Blind Bat tdys at Ubon from Sept 68 to Jan 70. The Blind Bat commander had to go to Tan Son Nhut several times a month for meetings. As a crew chief I made several trips down there with them. We had to down load the flair kit so we could park at base ops.
  4. In 1968 when I was at CCK they had a problem with wing cracks. We had a lockheed team in phase that was doing NDI inspection on the wings. They where cracking on the inboard corners of #2 & 3 dry bay. They had cracks at all four corners on the center dry bay and all around the aux tank filler caps. They were starting to take the tanks off when I left. They said the tanks were not needed in vietnam and were the cause of the cracks by hard landings on dirt strips. Later on they reskined the top of the center wing they done away with aux tank filler caps and #2 & 3 and the center drybays were round.
  5. The lox cart vent was just aft of the left w/w area. The tube came out fwd of the lt. air deflector door
  6. They were putting in wing tip taxi lights and stall warning system. They put probe out on the wing. They had to pull the c/b on the wing tip taxi lights because of the compass system in the left wing tip. They did all the c-130 in that area.
  7. Any more on CMS Humphey. I worked for him in at Naha as his asst crew chief in 68-69. Thanks
  8. I can help you with the 39th TCS was OA and the 40th TCS was OB. Hope this will help.
  9. My book said the FB was 47 TAS/ 48TAS/ 313 TAW at Forbes AFB KS. The FL was listed as the 301 RQS/939RQW at Patrick AFB FL. Hope this helps
  10. I was the a/c/c on 55-046 and was on flying status. On several night I was there to launch my A/C and they would bring out a vest and gun and said they were short a loadmaster, have fun. Loaded the flairs out of the boxes on to the chute on many nights
  11. I came up from CCK to Naha in Sept of 68. Brock and Collins sounds familiar because I came up from CCK in Sept of 68. I may be wrong but I thank there was about 100 of us that came up.
  12. When I was in the 35 & 21 I was the a/c/c and c/c on 55-046, 1968-1970
  13. 56-512 was part of "E" flight 21 at Naha
  14. I sent you some info by pm. Iam loading it on my computer now and could sent me your e-mail address i will send you what I have.
  15. All I said was with out the ECM equipment they could only fly certain mission. When I was on the maint. team in Ubon we had to have ECM birds on certain mission. When I first got to Naha in sept 68 I was on 56-471 and Ssgt Nelson was the crew chief I only went to Cam Ron Bay with It. Then in the early part of 69 went on 55-046 and stayed on that a/c until I left in feb 70
  16. 56-471 was a black bottom. It could only fly certain mission because it did not have the ECM equipment to fly all the missions. It was at Naha in the 35tas when I was there from 68-70. I was a/c/c on that aircraft for a short time and done missions into Cam Ron Bay Svn. It was in Svn. most of the time and did not do many Blind Bat missions
  17. I know on the H3 we didn't have the connector or the brackets on the air deflector doors for the bottles.
  18. I was at NAHA from sept 68 to feb 70 and 483 was a blind bat bird. The aircraft with YU on the tail belong to the 817th sq.
  19. That was what we called them. They would come into cck for phase in 68 when I was there.
  20. I remember that when they played them songs the F-4 guys would get mad. When they played either song both the blind bat and spectre people would stand up and sing. I did many tours from sept 68 to jan 70 with blind bat. What years were you there.
  21. ang012

    Early A GTV

    A models did not have a GTV. Some models had a utility prime value and had a switch on the co-pilots panel There was no panel that opened for a GTV.
  22. In the 80s we took one of our planes out to a res. base just south of kansas city to have some fuel work done.They had a A model there that had a aux tank fuel bladder in. They were pulling it out to do work on it and the paratroop door windows were the square ones. It had a regular camo paint job and with the ramp open it looked like a regular cargo plane.
  23. On our H3 we did not have a sextant so when we crossed the pond the nav carried a hand held gps and stuck it on the window fwd of nav table. It was just as good as the one on the aircraft.
  24. Acft 94-6704 is a H-3 model we had at Martinsburg WV.
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