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Any one else make TSgt???

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I saw guys that were great at their jobs but hated testing and didn't get promoted because of that. Have they taken that into account over the years? We had one guy that made master in 12 years but could not do what was required of a master. He was great with books, an almost photographic memory, and tested extremely well. The senior in charge of the branch gave him a bad eval for not being able to handle the responsibilities of a master and guaranteed he'd have to come up to speed before his next promotion. We had a guy in the shop that could tear down any piece of equipment, had to respect of the people that worked for him, but wasn't good with book learning nor testing. Practical learning he excelled at but the bad testing hurt him. I often wondered if they fixed that.

No they havent, still got the same robotic dorks making E-9 at 14 or 15 years:mad:

STEP promotion's were supposed to be for the outstanding worker that was horrible when it came to testing, but we all know that 99 out of a 100 step promotee's have a turd stuffed up each nostril:mad:


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Well when I made Tech back in 94 my cutoff as an FE was right around 370 or so:eek: (those were the really really bad old days when you could not make rank even if you scored 100 on both tests for the fist six years).


It was like that back in the 60's and 70's too, it was always feast or famine on manning, Randolph would ship people to places that had extras and other places AFE's were flying almost everyday. bobwoods

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