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  1. I am hopefully going in January. Will let you know.
  2. plug the drain and then dump a gallon.
  3. I've used a bobtail and a 5k strap in extreme circumstances. Other than kicking the hell out of it or torching the bolts, don't know what to do.
  4. So you were fine with spending the governments and ultimately the tax payers money so you and the rest of the crew could hang out in Hawaii for a couple extra days? And I suppose they didn't need you at home station for any reason? You were easily missed? That's total BS and you know it. If it were your money it would be a different story I reckon? Don't get me wrong, if there is a way to help anyone out, I try, but I'm not going to lie and deceive to make someone else happy.
  5. Normally if it doesn't have a bunch of bags on it, you'll find a crew chief. I always take my hammock though, I can make that sucker work just about anywhere.
  6. Wow, you are a real piece of work. Integrity first huh?
  7. Might have a bleed air leak, don't rule that out, I helped change the Y duct on the aft inboard side of the engine a couple months ago. It was cracked and blowing hot air on the detectors.
  8. I understand any crew member can refuse to fly for any reason, whether it's justified or not, you can't MAKE anyone do ANYTHING.
  9. I'll give up on it for now, but when I get back to work tuesday I will get out the full schematic, cause I don't know where I am getting this in my head.
  10. I could swear that with battery placed in DC and the bus tie switch tied and ac inst and fuel cont inverted and you yanked the fire control handle with no external power that the prop will feather...
  11. battery bus tie EDIT: The fire handle must be pulled for this to work. Let me do some research, I have been off work for 3 weeks because of the birth of our baby My brain is fried. Looks like to me that the DC bus will power the pump if the condition lever is left to feather. Am I looking at that wrong? Edit: Another thing I found. FUNCTIONS OF THE FIRE HANDLE There are 9 things that happen when you pull an engine fire handle.  Remember BEEFF SHOP 1. Bleed air regulator closed. (ESS DC) 2. Extinguisher agent discharge switch is armed. (Battery) 3. Extinguisher system control valves positioned. (Battery) 4. Fuel shutoff valve at fuel control closed. (ESS DC) 5. Fuel shutoff valve at firewall closed. (ESS DC) 6. Start circuitry for engine de-energized. (ESS DC) 7. Hydraulic shutoff valves at firewall are closed. (ESS DC) 8. Oil shutoff valve below oil tank closes. (ESS DC) 9. Prop is Feathered. (ESS AC and ESS DC)
  12. I don't believe this is true. I have seen on more than 1 occasion crew chiefs put on DC power to check fuel/lox etc and watched a prop go into feather. The DC system if charged should have plenty of power to throw the props into feather.
  13. Ok I remember this now, I saw a documentary on the History channel about it.
  14. Do you fly it home? You're the AC you decide. While I think that it's good to trust your guys, not all of your maintenance guys have integrity. I know, I work with them every day. Another thought: you say it was an excessive visible fluid leak and you say that the mx guys topped it off. How much did they put in? 2 quarts? 3 quarts? When was the last time it was serviced. Sometimes those leaks LOOK lots worse than they are. Sometimes overservicing or accomplishing the 15 days the day before and spilling fluid down inside will cause a mess on the next flight. Lots of variables here.
  15. We have a war kit above our TO cabinets on every aircraft. It is sealed and accessible only when needed. It has several items in it, but any good FE will carry a APU starter relay and a couple other things in their helmet bag. I know when I deploy I take "scrounge".
  16. I don't know the particular instance, but he most likely thought he knew what he was talking about but misstated it. I am not familiar with that book so did he say they feathered them in flight or on the ground?
  17. This is not uncommon at all. Main tanks on the other hand are a different story, but aux tanks are just that, auxiliary.
  18. This is what I was trying to remember. In the desert we had some dirt get in there causing a shimmy.
  19. good pics. any more?
  20. I wish you loads would quit giving me those damn form F's. After wearing a pair of pants for a couple days and launching 10 + lines I would have a big ole pocket of 'em.
  21. actually this is all you would need to do Step 1: create subdomain: mobile.herkybirds.com Step 2: install http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=229238&highlight=mobile it's a mobile style Step 3: edit index.html with the following: <html> <script> location = "http://www.herkybirds.com/forum/index.php?styleid=4"; </script> </html>
  22. Can we look into getting a mobile version of the site? If you need help setting it up I would be able to point you in the right direction. Simply making a subdomain and installing a mobile style and a simple redirect is all you need to do. Also, there are systems called berryblab and tapatalk.com which let you read the forum easily through apps on your blackberry and iphone respectively. I have all three of these on my site and it makes access to your site better.
  23. The first c130 that was there was from the 179th in Mansfield, OH.
  24. Just remembered one. This happened the same trip as the flap incident. I was doing a right aft brake change and needed something out of the airplane. The ramp was down but the cargo door was also down. I had my head down looking at the ground and bounded into the back of the airplane. As I stepped up I jammed the top of my head into the bottom side of the cargo door, impacting my neck and spine. I thought I was going to have a spinal injury from that but seem to be ok 4 months later.
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