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  1. Alan, The aircraft you mentioned was 63-7824. I still have all my blanket orders with the crew chiefs, assistants and tail numbers. Ray
  2. There absolutely was two of them - one was Tyner and the other was Tiner - I knew the Tiner. When I get a chance I'll post all of my blanket orders to the gallery. Ray
  3. Ken, TSgt Herbert L. Tiner was his name - he was a great guy, real easy going. Ray
  4. Ray


    I don't remember which bird was Arnold Ziffle, but it wasn't 63-7777. My roomie, Harry Jorgensen was 7777's crew chief from 69-70. I do remember Arnold Ziffle was painted over the crew entrance door of one of the birds. I just can't remember Arnold's tail number Ray
  5. For those of you that have not seen Pat's website and the extraordinary story of Homey 302, take a look at: http://www.pathatch.com/blog/?page_id=31 Ray
  6. The 7AF Command Center (Blue Chip) at Tan Son Nhut, controlled and directed the subordinate controlling agencies, which included ABCCC (Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center) and Task Force Alpha (TFA). The Tactical Unit Operations Centers (TUOC) and Forward Air Controllers (FAC) were also extensions of the command and control system. Blue Chip made decisions from Saigon that affected operations in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand; even in Thailand, 7AF had operational control of 13AF assets operating in Laos and North Vietnam. Blue Chip was in Saigon until we folded our tents; then 7AF moved to NKP and became United States Support Activities Group & Seventh Air Force. The Blue Chip call sign was used as late as 1975 during the Mayaguez affair. Ray
  7. Ray


    OK, I added a few extra goodies to the CD and I'll get it in the morning mail. Ray
  8. Ray


    I made a pdf of the last issue of the Tactical Aerodrome Directory a couple of years ago. The file is too big to email, but I'll be glad to make a CD for you. I can also put the Air America Lima Site Directory on there too. I have a huge amount of documents and records from that era - probably around 80-100,000 pages of stuff. Most of it was research data for my book. Ray
  9. Klong 960 dropped at 1119Z on the 15th. Blue Chip relayed drop coordinates for Klong 963 – 10/19/2N 103/08/2E - UTM coordinates TS9742 at 1258Z. Klong 963 arrived on station minus computer; Spectre 21 was going to mark the target but Klong 963 had no drop instructions. At 1347Z, Blue Chip directed Klong 963 to RTB. Cricket and Spectre were directed to remain on station.
  10. My dad, who passed away last July, had tickets for the practice rounds for many years. He was on the list for tournament tickets for 25 years before he finally got tickets about 15 years ago. Fortunately, he was able to will the tickets to my brother. Ray
  11. Dan, My son is Sgt Raymond (Tripp) Roddy; he's a member of the Scout Sniper Platoon. Tell Cameron if he gets bored to look him up. I just sent them 793 movies so they'll have something to look at. Our thoughts and prayers are with Cameron too. Ray
  12. Hey Dan, My son is aboard too. Ray
  13. I had the unfortunate opportunity to work on the 133s at Travis for a few months in 1971. I was able to escape by working in maintenance control until I could get orders for Udorn. Life got much better in ABCCC. Ray
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