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Looks very nice. Are you looking for interesting markings?

If you are interested, here are a few points that I noticed when looking at photos of the YC-130A.

No beaver tail and four windows before the wings. The T-56-A-9 engines of the C-130A models were set further back into the wing, so the rear of the engine nacelles extended up to the forward edge of the flaps for the inner engines and into the flaps for the outer nacelles, which was why the red prop warning stripe was closer to the front of the landing gear housing.

The fuselage star should be larger.

Details of the rear of the engine nacelles.



Also, how about the windows on the upper fuselage?

View from above.


Here is a ground level view of the windows.


Sorry if the photos aren't the best, nor the clearest.

Best wishes,


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Casey, the real early A's had the doors hniged downwards then later modded to upward hinged. In the '70's the doors were removed it seems as a local mod. The airframes we have are fitted with numerous different designs of panel mods. Some have an intake and exhaust airflow deflector, some only an intake deflector and others none at all. The deflectors all look like locak design as they are just about all different. I haven't seen a TCTO for removal of the doors, but the ANG units seem to have done a lot of local mods themselves. The deflectors on the intake was to prevent airflow from causing GTC windmilling in flight. I have seen several a/c fitted with the later electric doors.

Bob m

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I reworked the beaver tail, enlarged the star, added the upper windows, added the GTC door, adjusted the empennage shading, did a major rework of the engine, and added the correct props.

Baring any further suggestions, I hope to get it to the printer today.


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