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  1. The pilot of the future will be one man in the pilots seat, and a dog in the right seat. The pilots job is to feed the dog, and the dog's job is to bite the pilot if he touches anything.
  2. One of the best things about retiring from the military you now have freedom of speech that you can not use while serving in the military.
  4. Where was Provide Comfort? Provide Hope was Africa, and Provide Promise was Sarajevo. Correct?
  5. This was part of the strongest man competition in Charleston, WV last summer.
  6. I filled one out while stationed at Pope in 71. I designed a stand that held the bottom of the T 56 engine (belly pan) when it was removed from the QEC kit. We wrestled them on the floor rebuilding them, they got beat up alot taking the oil coolers out, and making other repairs. So I designed a stand that held them up, and you could roll them over, it worked very well.. It was approved after 18 months. $150. Good money in 71...
  7. I remember when I was stationed at Pope (69-73) the crew started all 4 engines for their mission, and the FE did not notice the c/bs pulled on the oil shut off valves... you know the rest of the story..
  8. I never worked on A's... This was on the E's (62s) when I worked on them..
  9. We use to pull those breakers at the last flight of the day to shut the oil shut off valves on the E models this would keep the oil from flooding the turbine section.. The breakers was pulled to keep the prop from feathering while pulling the fire handle to shut the oil valve off... We did this if some one still had external, or gtc, power on..
  10. I'v been retired for 6 years,,, but if I remember right the only thing the battery will do is shut off all the valves to that engine, and not feather the prop... I will get the answer tomorrow unless some one else gives us the answer...
  11. It is impossible for those engines to keep running if feathered.. If you pull the fire handle all those valves you mentioned are shut off... When you pull the fire handle every thing is shut off electricly.. When you pull the condition lever the fuel is mechanically shut off, and the prop feathers and your other valves stays open... If the GTC was not running at the time of the feather the props would not have enough electric power to go all the way to feather ..
  12. Some of theses ACs are flying over the field for 3 hours before they can land,,, what ever happened to air drops to get these people food and water in a much faster pace?
  13. Let us know what you did to fix it.. VH is my choice, since you checked every thing else out..
  14. You need to replace valve housing in the prop on that engine
  15. I was in Italy in 2002 with A/C 88 1302 getting ready to come back to the states doing a pre flight when the RCR started going crazy, and all the bus lights looked like a pin ball machine. I turned the batt. off, un tied the bus, and turned off the ext. power... All the bus lights stayed on, along with all the lights in cargo compartment so to keep the batts. from going down I disconnected the AC batt. All bus lights was still on, I went down and disconnected the INS batt. All bus lights still on... and this is with ex. power cord disconnected and both batteries disconnected all bus lights and cargo still on.. The only thing me and the FE could come up with is that this A/C carried many of the bodies of the dead during the Gulf war... So where ever this A/C is C/Cs beware.... By the way replaced the RCR same problem... after a day delay it cleared it self up...
  16. The helicopter that was left behind was later flown by the Iranian AF. It was flown by the pilot from Iran to Saudi one night with his family onboard to escape from Iran. I saw it at one of the air bases during Desert Storm.. It now belongs to the Saudi AF.
  17. The very first C 130 without the front cargo door was 62-1784. It was stationed at the West Virginia Air Guard in Charleston at the end of the VN War, also with the famous 62-1787. It you remember reading the -2s many of the TOs said 62-1784 and up in certain sections of the TOs this is why. I believe it is still active at the training side of LRAFB
  18. I was looking at a 1958 Ford today and it had a DD sticker on the front bumper that was ONIZUKA AFB. Any one know where this base is, or was?
  19. 62 1804 was sent to West Virginia ANG after the VN war. I was reading your comment on 1804 in CCK. I was stationed at Pope AFB from 69 to 73 as a Jet Eng Mech. There was a friend of mine there from West Virginia that received orders to CCK, and on the way over to CCK the C-130 he was on crashed into the top of one of the mountians and it killed every one on board... Was you there then. After I was discharged from the AF I joined the WV ANG in Charleston.. I crewed 1804 for several years before it left for Guard Unit at Little Rock. It was a good flyer. Also did you know Dave Davenport while you was there? He did all the art work of C-130.. He was also stationed at Pope while I was there..
  20. John H Wilson


    62-1784 Was the first C-130 with out the foward cargo door... I think it's still flying...
  21. RZ... There was a small round patch on the out side of the cock pit on the right side where the bullet entered the ac. And there is or was a square patch on the c/b panel, I'm sure they are still there... 1787 was one of the two plane we took to NZ in 84..
  22. Hello Dave and RZ.... I'm sure we have alot of hours on 1787.. I knew about the FE getting killed on 87 when we had it... I looked at the patch many times.. All of the planes we had had patches... I remember 62-1804 had two bullet holes patches in the crew door.. Dicky the sheet metal guy still has a peice of shrapnel out of 62-1824 he dug out while in ISO... He still has it... I think we lost 5 C-130s while I was at Pope... Not sure.
  23. This aircraft was brought out of the Philippines at the end of the VN war and was assigned the the West Virginia AG in Charleston. It remained there until about 1985, then was shipped to Little Rock for training air crews... If you look on the out side on the co pilots side you can see a round patch where the the bullet entered the ac.. and on the inside you can see the patch on the circuit panel door where it came thru and hit the engineer.. Other tail # that came the WV was 62s 1788 over 80 hits, shoved off the run way with a dozer.. I think the c/c was killed on this one.. 1804, 1824, 1790, 1795,1798, 1787, 1784 .... 1784 was the first C 130 built with out the large cargo door on the left front..
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