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    Drafted in 72, ran to the AF like a girl.
    5 yrs as a jet mechanic
    CBPO messed up my CRJ so I cross trained to something called Flight Engineer, sounded good. (My E-8 boss berated me in front of the group when I told him)
    Flew H1's at Dyess for 5
    Saw these strange looking Herc's while transiting Eglin and called MPC when I RTB'd. Special unit, rescue and "stuff", sent in resume and moved to VPS 2 months later. Four acft!! RSOLL!!! Rescue in high per diem places!! Married to the 20SOS (MH-53!!)
    33rd ARS for a couple, then back to VPS
    1SOW for a bit then forced to HQ AFSOC until it was no fun.

    Stan/Eval forEVER - but it did have it's plus's at times.
    Lapes, FCF, SKE Lead Crew, RSOLL, all the NVG stuff
    Was able to fly on every fixed/rotary wing acft AFSOC owned - helo gun runs were cool.

    Worked at WR-ALC as the SOF FMM for couple of years
    Offered job w/Boeing 11 years ago, so I came running back....like a girl...WR - no thanks
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    Niceville, FL
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    Senior Logistics Analyst

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  1. Have also performed this “procedure”. After doing many night max efforts at DYS, we taxied, lined up, and cobbled the power. Just like the Buffs, off we went. Second time we had some outside motivation from the locals.
  2. Question for you HC-J types - w/o the FE, who runs the HAR and IFR procedures? One more question, does the J come with a J-1-1 in the event the FMS tanks? Thanks...
  3. Received email: First flight of HC-130J scheduled for about 0900L tomorrow (7/30/10). Eric Thompson is one of the pilots. We think 7 USG guests led by Lt Col Martin O’Grady (Recapitalization Program Manager) and Mr Jeff Stanley (Deputy Director, SOF and Personnel Recovery) plus Lt Col Sean Farrell from SAF AQQU will observe the flight. ACC reps Vanik and Borowski will also attend.
  4. I'd give some O-bama bucks, and real money for some.....Herb
  5. Welcome - the ANG FE boyz are a great source of info. Shoot me an email and I can give you a couple of names. [email protected]
  6. working for a living, playing nice to the USG, letting all those retired mnx types play manager. other than keeping the local doctors in bizness and taking dog to dog park...hutch is in office beside me. life marches on....
  7. COTs LRU's = lower development cost. The production s/w was watered down by the AF. Each/every item, button, capability, function, location was approved by both crew and mnx before they were implemented. If anyone who has personnel knowledge of anything that is below the WSS then you should stand up and make yourself known to the SPO's and not whine here. If you are qualified from an AMP perspective then let it rip. I've talked and interacted with all the system/design engineers and whenever there has been a fix proposed they seek the advice of those who operate and/or maintain the acft. As far as the cost, well with each meeting someone else from the USG wants to "piss on the tree" to leave their mark, therefore the previous decision now becomes void and we relive the whole thing again. This takes time and time is money. Each time someone sez "I don't like it" or "that's not what I'm used to seeing/doing" equals $$$. T&E, SDD, EMD, whatever you call it, what did the lawn dart folks spend on the F-16, 22, or 35? So until you fully understand the capabilities at your fingertips you're just moving your fingers on the keyboard. But hey, Norty has the final say, dang shame that this may get shelved after so much time/money has been spent since the 80's on this mod. Ya'll be safe out there.
  8. The scuttlebutt and rumors from those outside of this program is entertaining. Truth is that the s/w, hardware, and the integration has performed great. As with any mod, there are "issues" and those who think it is not worth it. The Test Tech statement is also enlighting. It sounds as though you never worked Thuds, F-4's, or any SOF acft. Can anyone point out any safety of flight issues? Anyone seen or experienced the full capabilities of this mod? Oh, and J's need a s/w fix to fly NATO legally. Yep, I've been w/the program since 01.
  9. Another brother in arms passes from this world. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nwfdailynews/obituary.aspx?n=salvador-antonio-gomez&pid=132818648
  10. Herb


    i remember seeing the "A" at the IL ANG unit at O'hara. Nose and all.
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