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Aero Precision provides OEM part support for military aircraft operators across more than 20 aircraft

Prints Avaliable for Purchase.

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Nine prints are now avaliable for purchase directly from the site More prints will be added in the coming weeks.

Payment can be mabe via your PayPal account or via credit card through PayPal. For othe payment options and multiple print discounts please private message me.

The link is located on the main page in the "Support This Site" block.


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Casey can I use your email address I have so those that are not on the site and want to order mulitple prints can contact you? Also will the actual print have the diagional words in the background? Skip

Yes, please pass the e-mail address along.

The water mark lettering is not on the pints.

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Casey,any chance you would do one from the 36TAS, tail letters LM, numbers like, best i can remember 7888, 7788, etc, in their 1970 or so colors??? The rest look great, sure would like one that shows one of the birds i flew


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I would be interested in getting a print of a C-130A, of course I would like 56-0533 as the tail number in the Nam paint colors, TAC, PACAF, 374 TAW, 21st TAS and Blind Bat patches. I also like your Crew Chief stickers but just need C-130A.

Is that possible? Would be willing to pay for the custom work.



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