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Oh Happy Day

Dan Wilson

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John Murtha is dead, beavisnbutthead.gifthat scumball liberal buttmuncher

Lets have a party to celebrate:D


(okay, get indignant and upset with me for being so insensitive guys, but realize, that everyone who has been in the fight since 11 Sep 01 is a babykilling murderer according to that tool, so screw him)

And before you say it, You really don't what to know how I really feel:rolleyes:


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The trouble was...he was to the koolaide drinkers of Johnstown Pennsylvania what Marion Barry was to the dope addicts of D.C.

He was their sugar daddy. He was one of them. He was their cash cow. He brought home their bacon, and ham, and sausage, and scrapple, and.......

He would never lose an election up there as long as he drew a breathe.

I grew up close enough to that area to know the people that made up his constituency.

That's one cash drain that is slowed down now.

Oh and he was another John Kerry war hero. Sat on a potato peeler or something like that didn't he?

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I guess he couldn't slip out of this one.

Rg Glenn

As Richard Pryor once said: "none of us are going to get out of this alive".

Now maybe that airport he pork barrelled for his personal conveinience will revert to more normal operations and maybe even have to sell off some of their Rolls Royce hardware to generate some cash flow. One can only hope:rolleyes:

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If you guys want to stop an obortion of the first water, make sure you write to your congressmen and senators and demand that the SecNav does NOT name a ship after this murtha POS.

I really cant belive it, can you imagine the poor Marines that will get stuck on a ship with the traitors name?

Only thing this buttmuncher deserves is a sunken garbage barge.

Dead and still screwing Marines :mad:


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