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Nephew on the Ospreys

Dan Wilson

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Got a comm from one of my nephews, Cameron.

He's a crew chief on the Marine Ospreys. Sounds like they are keeping him damn busy.

As you know, Cameron arrived in Haiti on January 23 and was moving

food, water, medical supplies and injured people to various locations.

The MUE was released from this duty on February 9th. He is now

heading toward Afghanistan and is located somewhere in the

Mediterranean Sea. We have attached a few pictures he sent to

Elizabeth. To his Mom and Dad he looks rather tired. He has been

flying a lot of long hours and keeping the aircraft ready to fly. He

told Elizabeth that there had been some pretty rough seas so I am sure

it is difficult to sleep.




Heres a big thank you for all the kids and old farts out there keeping the mission moving forward in-spite of inept political intervention.7376be5.gif


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Dan, thank your nephew for al of us. Many of us know the job at hand and wish him well.

I live about 3 miles from the Bell Helicopter facilty in Arlington, Texas. I used to enjoy the Ospreys coming over during it's testing phase. On occasion I would go by the Arlington airport and see an Osprey manuevering at the airport. I would stop and spend as much time as I could appreciating its capabilities.


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My son is Sgt Raymond (Tripp) Roddy; he's a member of the Scout Sniper Platoon. Tell Cameron if he gets bored to look him up. I just sent them 793 movies so they'll have something to look at. Our thoughts and prayers are with Cameron too.


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