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fuel heater and strainer


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From a Lockheed Training manual covering the engines:

Downstream from the firewall shutoff valve is the fuel heater and strainer assembly. It utilizes an oil-to-fuel heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger, fuel is warmed to prevent icing in the strainer. The fuel temperature is sensed by a thermostat after the fuel has passed through the heat exchanger. The thermostat is connected to a modulating valve. This valve controls the flow of oil through the heat exchanger. The oil passing over the tubes of the heat exchanger gives off heat that is absorbed by the fuel as it passes through the inside of the heat exchanger tubes. The heat exchanger is capable of raising the temperature of the fuel from a possible temperature of -700 F at the inlet to a minimum outlet temperature of +340 F. A 200-mesh screen wire strainer is provided in the outlet section to collect solid particles that may be in the flowing fuel.

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you r right as for as considering the scientific law about heat exchangers but while surfing the internet i found some diagrams that show oil passing through the inside of the tubes in heater and strainer assembly and fuel around the tubes ...

if u referred to the B-2-4 engine maintenance manual its alright because i have studied it..if u r talking about some other reference material,i'll be thankful if u send me a soft copy of that

(and the temperature increment range is -70˚F to +34 ˚F.)

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Mechanic80, the attached schematic diagram is “Greek to me†(never seen), however I am still digging my old books.

To my knowledge there are two types of Fuel heater & strainer used on T56-A-15:-

1- United Aircraft Products (UAP).

2- Benson fuel heater

And the only difference (if I am correct) is in the value limit of scavenge oil back-pressure of each during testing.


1- Fuel temp below 40⁰F (4.5⁰C) → All oil is allowed to inter to warm up fuel (full heat mode).

2- Fuel temp above 70⁰F (21⁰C) → All oil is bypassing (full bypass mode)

3- Fuel temp in between 40⁰F to 70⁰F → Some oil may inter for warm up.

For soft copy I am having “Power Plant Hercules Training Manual†1993, If good for you, is it possible to send it as attachment..? Size on desk 20.1MB. Guide me and you will have it. (tenten is a big zero on the net)

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about the diagram that i posted ...it and some of the local concepts at my place drove me nuts...but i could not find anything written to get corrected..


for the size of the book ..what if u can split it in two portions(pdf or word document files can b splitted),save it, then separately zip/compress it and email me as attachment...or if u find splitting it cumbersome just zip/compress the book (as you did to the diagram you posted) and email me as attachment..


i heard that gmail is giving good attachment size..heres my gmail id:

"[email protected]"


thx for your cooperation

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