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Tail #'s 62-1804, 62-1824, 62-1790, 62-1795,62-1798, 62-1787, 62-1784, 62-1784

Dave in WV

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Can anyone give me info as to what unit(s) these aircraft were assigned and the locations while in SEA and about how long they were in-country?

I have prostate cancer (caught early enough to deal with) and it may sound like a reach connecting it to agent orange but if those birds were contaminated I worked on them from 75-80 as a CC and then from 81-85 as a FE. I'm thinking about filing a claim and even though I'll get turned down I have a paper trail started. I've been told if I was in-country to file a claim (I never went to SEA). There is no history of prostate cancer in my family on either side.

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I guess I can vouch for 62-1804 for 69 and 70. As far as I know, while I was with it, we didn't haul any Agent Orange. But then again, who knows what it carried while on mission "in-country" while I was getting my time off!!! So far, I haven't come down with any symptoms that would reflect on my 33 months over there!!

By the way, 1804 was at CCK when I was on it!!

Good luck with your claim.


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