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  1. I felt the same when I was assigned to Chennault in58 aftertraining on C-130 s, B47!!!for 4 years . After A move to Lockborne and the base getting C-130s I was Happy as iwas for 33 total years
  2. RZHill


    ​If the tails are 88-1301 -88-1308 they are former Charleston West birds.
  3. Yeh that's how I feel, The three Blader was always good for an RON in Athens. This Acft is a former Australian bird . guess it depends on the price , don't know it's history more than 11500 acft hours and three props with about 1100 hours the other with 85 hrs. Makes you wonder where they got the odd one? Any knowedge would be appreciated. RZ Been moving snow in western Ny. taking it easy
  4. Have a friend interested in buying a C-130A still equipped with the Aero Three blade props. Concerned about future parts availability and reliability. Seems they are a lost cause. RZHill
  5. First thing, where are his gloves,? looks like he missed a few safety meetimgs, not so smart!!!!
  6. I have another of these drawings displayed proudly in my office in memory of the two flight engineers that had previously served in The 130th > Both were super men and left behind a slew of friends. Still kinda hurts as george and I were personal friends. RZ Hill
  7. Flew that mission during the "contra" era. The kit was installed on the incoming bird and you flew a bunch of 15 hour missions. Remember one time having a room above the Band in the NCO club. Acft was 62-1788 didn't get much sleep, lotsa flying. RZ
  8. Have to give the crew credit, they thought ahead and shut #4 down. Good job Loadengineermaster
  9. Anybody heard the fate of the airplanes at Yakota?
  10. I went to FM school fall of 65, Remember the NCO club well RZ HIll
  11. Yeh ask away, we will answer to the best of our ability, just remember we will not violate any security issues. RZ Hill [email protected]
  12. 94-6704 is (or was) a Charlie West Bird, what gives?????
  13. I agree !!! and I did the same thing, got off of the acft BEFORE the breaker was reset. If it pops once there is a problem!! RZ HIll
  14. I brought this up about a year ago and was smacked , saying that it was good for the students to have the varity. Heck we interflew the different H2's from the 78's thru the 90's in the bosina , Panama and Saudi rotations with no problems, just had to know what you had as far as systems go, what's the big deal? When I trained on the A's there were many more different configerations there. RZ
  15. I'm not saying anything about The acft!! I'v flown many an acft that had it's own personality, I ragging the public affairs BS , they can't even get the facts straight, example , only 34 B's were made, yeh right, you can tell they have never worked the line or even gotten out from behind a desk, using the standard old acft description from day one. I say it again, WHAT A CROCK OF BS!!!! . RZ
  16. The acft was 62-1824 , dang dave you really have CRS
  17. Same thing as "floating the caps" , max fuel you can get in the tanks. RZ
  18. Why do we "old farts" want to take on an old house? I have an old (1845 vintage) farm house in western Ny, right in the snow belt, complete with Horsehair plaster. You might as well get a new furnace as that old clunker will kill you on the gas bill this winter. You can pay for a modern one with the money you will save> You might consider hot water heat. The kind with Baseboard type Radiators. Very efficient and gives a great heat. Looks like your house is what is called " Balloon " construction, the outer wall studs go from the sill plate to the roof. BE SURE that you install "fire blocks" in between each stud at the ceiling. Might be a code requirement. At least you have the luxury and ease of being able to rewire this house easily. Any questions, I might be able to answer, I'm about three years ahead of you on the restoration. One thing forget the outside painting till dry weather. Get yourself one of the little moisture detectors advertized on ebay. You want the moisture content to be below 12% to paint. RZ Hill
  19. Easy answer, Oblahblah and his cronies are in charge, the blind leading the blind, what a shame!!!, you guys risking your life so some tsa idiot can feel up your wife, nice isn't it!!!
  20. May she rest in peace, a well deserved peace, Thanks for many great flights!! RZ Hill
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