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C-17 Crash @ Elmendorf

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Bet a dollar to a do-nut that he would have been beating the driver with whatever was handy. No matter what the O's say, a FE, in the end, is the "adult" on the flight deck. Sort of reminds me of the show "It Only Hurts When I Laugh." The FE is the guy holding the camera, saying "are you sure", and the O's are the guys that say "sure, watch this."

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Just guessing. A FE on-board may have prevented this tragedy.

Perhaps, but am reminded of the Dover C-5 crash. Here two highly qualified, high time SNCO FEs, watched as a heavy weight C-5 was flown below the glide path on final, the AC advanced the number two engine throttle (eng. shutdown), #3 throttle retarded and the airspeed bled off the about 125 knots at impact and they did almost nothing. In the Elmendorf crash wasn't there was a third pilot? Was he loudly expressing concern about how the acft. was being flow? Why is it that practicing for air shows crews think it's OK to fly the acft. out of the envelope? Watching the video reminds me of the Fairchild B-52 crash, surprise, during an air show. Don't think all this has to do with FEs, think it has to do with crew members doing their job when another crew member does something not iaw the book. Having said the above, am reminded of a FE friend (no kidding, I did have one or two) who told me a big part of his job was to ensure the AC didn't kill him and the rest of the crew.

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