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  1. Scooter, I echo bischoffm & yawdamper said, I had 22 years as a crew chief on C-141, C-130, and C-17 and they all at times had long dirty days. But I glad I never sersiously concider cross-trading out (I had my opertinuties (sp) though). It can be at times a lot of hard work but mission accomplement does have it's satifaction. Also being assigned to C-130s will give you a chance of becoming a FCC on an aircraft and give you plenty of travel time if you arn't burnt out of it already. As a SSgt you should be in line for DCC position once you get profecient on the airframe. Owen
  2. Don, Only in their air park, They have B-1 still I believe. Owen
  3. Thats cool, the ramp & Cargo Door can be open & close inflight too. I wonder if it leave routs on unprepare fields like the real ones Owen
  4. T.O. don't give any time limit for max fuel load and should be good until the outside temp goes up (I won't be stand under the wings for any stratch of time if I was you). the T.O. does state if the acft is not flying immeditily (sp.) the tanks should not be max out and give the buffer limits for each. Cheers Owen
  5. Here a link to the public release report. http://www.pacaf.af.mil/library/aibreports/index.asp
  6. OEO

    The Crew Chief

    Yes it is, except it call an instructions, regulations was such a hash word... you know the kinder and gentler Air Force. 1993 Owen
  7. The indecation your dealling with an AF crew chief. Owen
  8. Dutch, I will post it in the humor forum; it off the web if you go to google image and search crew chief air force. Bob, I'm doing fine, was medical retired about two years ago. I'm currently just another unproductive member of society as viewed by our overseers ;-) It been great concidering what I was putting up with the since 2006 at Charleston, the BSing, dishonesty, and lack of courage to do the right thing in some of the leadership there. Honesty I'm not bitter, really, really because I don't have deal with the Barney Fifes of AMC every time they shoot themselves in the foot any more. Glad to hear you doing fine. Owen Now back to your regularly schedule post "HC-130J First Flight"
  9. How are you doing Bob??? Owen
  10. Peru AF shot up one of our C-130 conducting anti-drug mission and forced to land back in 1992.
  11. OEO


    Yaah, the archeologists will insist the bottles came from an anciet ship wreck. Owen
  12. Tico29, according to the press releases I been following the first MC-130J airframe is not due for delievery until summmer 2012. And that not count the time for intial testing & evals than onto training and the workup to operational capability. Hope this helps and little. OEO
  13. The 1st Sargent is the enlisted advisor to the SQ CO, while the CCM is at the wing level and above. Owen
  14. OEO

    New politicain

    We definitely need more people in Washington like Allen West. He on Hannity tonight on the Fox news network. Owen
  15. OEO

    ATM question

    bonzo, There is no set pressure coming from the oil pump and controller assembly to the opening side of the modulating valve actuator. The amount of pressure leaving the controller assembly to the modulating valve actuator is that is need to over come the 50+/-5 psi and the spring tension on the closing side of actuator, to maintain the ATM turbine speed at 43K rpm. If the ATM turbine rpm speed drops, the controller assembly will supply pressure above the 50-55 psi to open the modulating valve to speed the ATM turbine back up to 43k rpm. Or if the ATM turbine speed goes over 43K rpm, the controller assembly will deliver less pressure than 50-55 psi to close the modulating valve to slow down ATM turbine. And the amount of pressure the controller assembly will put out to get the turbine to 43K rpm depends on the rate accelleration or decelleration of the ATM turbine at that moment. So the pressure leaving the controller assembly is veriable and is always change to maintain the turbine speed. My reference is the (OMMS) T.O. 49 General System from 2002 time frame when I was tech school instructor at Sheppard AFB. I hope this helps you and I hope I did not dumb this down too much. Owen
  16. For the panel on the l/s nose might have been the fill connection for radome anti-ice fluid, like the Talon One has.
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