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J-Loading question.


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I am assuming it's the same as other models.

What is the max width a piece of rolling stock can be? With and without the dual rails installed. Also the max width before the wheel well.


Dual Rails??? Are you referring to the flip-up rails that run down the center of the cargo hold? On a "J" there is nothing to "install".

But fuselage dimensions are same as legacy aircraft.

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Can't be 108...pallets are 108" wide and the dual rails cover part of the pallet flanges. Maybe 104"-106"?

Edit: Can't find it in my -9 (C-130A)...cargo compartment general width is 10'3" but it doesn't say how much the dual rails cover. Late models have 35" treadways with a 30" gap between them though...so 105" ish?

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