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CCK Museum Needs Unit Patches


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CCK Museum Needs Unit Patches

The ROCAF office in charge of the new American Footprint Museum at CCK AFB has asked if we could provide copies or original patches of the units assigned at CCK..

They were looking for any of the 6217th patches when they called today.

I Googled the 6217th USAF Hospital and found a copy of the Hospital Patch on a web page from a guy who was at CCK and worked at the hospital.

Unfortunately, it is not a sharp photo and cannot be blown large enough for display.

This is the largest I could get without it running into fading out unrecognizable colors.

I think the bottom says Penduwm Curage? Obviously not the right spelling....

Can someone please clarify the wording on this Hospital patch.

If you have any old patches or emblems from CCK, we need 1 from every US Military Unit at CCK from the 1950s when the base opened until we left. They will be displayed in the new museum.

Please email me if you have anything, or can help us.

[email protected]

Thanks much...

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A couple of weeks ago I sent Gene Hirte, the curator, photos of patches for 6217th Air Base Group, 314th TAW, 374th TAW, 314th AMS, and PACAF, plus a photo of both C130 and KC135 flightlines and a ROC main gate guard (1969). They are on Gene's "CCK" group site on Facebook. He also has a CCK Firefighters group. Check them out. Also check out Jim Dwyers CCK group on Facebook. Gene has posted photos of several blowups they have accepted and hung in the museum.

Jerry Rice

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My understanding is anything and everything that relates to the American "footprint" on Taiwan. They are converting the old base chapel on the hill. Check Facebook group "CCK" or group search CCK. Anything they use they will try to acknowledge the contributer of the ephmera.


I don't seem to have much luck loading what I have here. Everything rejects as too small. Sad story of my life. haha

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someone sent me a "welcome to CCK" newspaper... I scanned it to pdf. can be read here:


No one sent it to you. ;) That came from here >> http://herkybirds.com/showthread.php?479-So-You\-re-Going-To...Ching-Chuan-Kang&highlight=ching

Glad to see that it is floating around. A little grumpy that I have gotten ZERO credit for being responsible for uploading it. Thank you internet.

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