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APN-241 Radar Install?


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From LSN Vol.26 No. 1 Jan-Mar 1999

"As stated earlier, Lockheed Martin began installing the

AN/APN-241 on the Hercules aircraft with Serial

Number 5310. The basic radar installation on the

C-130H and the C-130J is the same, however, the user

interface is vastly different."

"Serial Number 5310, a fiscal year 1992 C-130H aircraft.

Later C-130H aircraft introduced a Traffic Alert

and Collision Avoidance (TCAS) overlay capability

integrated with the Mode S IFF. The radar was also

integrated into the C-130J."

AF Serial is 92-1531 and it does belong to the Wyoming Air Guard,

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I believe the APN-241s were first installed on the Louisville H2.5s. That was the primary reason for going to the H2.5 unofficial designation.


The H2.5 as they are call were done by TCTO, at the same time EFIS was installed, the guard was going to do the entire fleet of H's but since AMP was going to "fix" everything the mods stopped. Just goes to show you how old the AMP program is! My 2 cents

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