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Back in the early 1980's when I was stationed with the 37th at Rhein Main, we were tasked to fly a C-130 to Cairo with a planeload of mechanics from Nellis. This was the timeframe when Egypt had aligned itself with the West. Every morning, we'd make a 40 minute flight from Cairo, VFR down the Nile to Beni Suef AFB. There, the mechanics would disassemble some Egyptian Mig's, -21's, I think. In the afternoon, we'd fly back to Cairo and drink beer. We did this for about 10 days, then a C-5 came in, loaded up all the planes and mechanics and flew back to Nellis. We were told the Mig's were to be used in the Agressor Squadron there.

Don R.

(Sorry for the thread hijack, Bob.)

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I recently saw a new E model at Kirtland AFB. It's parked in a field as a training device now. I wrote down 521, but I don't remember the rest of the tail number. Does anyone know where it came from or how long it's been at KAFB? Couldn't find it in the database.

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64-0521 is at Kirtland as an instructional airframe. It was firts noted at Kirtland in September 2010. Here is it history that I have:

ex 62nd AS 314th AW feb06-sep08

ex 159th FS 125th FW FL ANG oct05-sep00,

ex 'Let's Roll' mar05-mar02,

ex 135th AS MD ANG may00-aug89,

ex WR ALC aug98

ex 61st TAS 64th TAW aug67

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64-0499 was offered at auction to the public, for parts recovery, on July 28th 2012. It was listed by Government Liquidation, acting on behalf of Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services, as Event 8609 Lot 3, with an award date of July 31st 2012. This is typically the last action before removal, and destruction. I believe that at the time, the 'term' scrap contract was held by New Phoenix Metals, who had outbid the previous, and subsequent holder of the contract, HVF West.

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