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C-130 Hercules.net 7th Anniversary!


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Wednesday marked C-130Hercules.net's 7th anniversary!

Thank you:

To everyone who visits the site. Be it once in a while or daily, without your involvement, there is no community.

  • To those who contribute to the forums.
  • To those who contribute to the gallery.
  • To those who have contributed other files, documents, etc.
  • To those who have referred others to the site.
  • To those who have donated to the site.
  • To those who have purchased items from the site's store or from the site's Cafe Press shop.
  • To Bob Daley for all your contributions and help.
  • And finally to Our sponsors.

Over the past five years our community has:

  • Grown to 4,940 members
  • Created 4,884 threads
  • Made 31,992 posts
  • Added 16,413 images to the Gallery
  • Viewed 12,085,201 Gallery images
  • Added over 150 editions of the Lockheed Service News
  • And added 867 aircraft and 3754 data points to the C-130 database

I am proud of the community we have created. A place where C-130 "folks":

  • Can catch-up with old friends.
  • Can make new friends.
  • Can tell war stories, reflect on days gone by or speculate on the future.
  • Can get technical help.
  • Or like me, can continue to be involved, in some small way, with the aircraft they love and the builders, maintainers, fliers and many others that have made the C-130 a remarkable machine.

I am continuing to add aircraft/data to the database and have many more additions planned. If you have any ideas for improvements and/or additional content please let me know. I am always looking to make the site better. And finally, please spread the word...tell co-works, your friends, your neighbors, your mail man....tell everyone! I am sure that there are many more "Herk folks" out there that would enjoy our site.

Thank you for the last 7 years, it has been a pleasure! Here's to many more!


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A HUGE thanks to you Casey! I peek almost daily as well but dont sign in always. I enjoy most peoples posts and all the information world wide is awesome! Keep up the good work, wish we could have seen you in Florida last may......


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Has it been 7 years already? You have done a great job with this site and I rarely miss a day without checking in. This place is a wealth of knowledge for the C-130 enthusiast from A's to J's and whatever the next model will be coming down the road. Plus you get a perspective from so many varied users past and present. Looking forward to another 7 years and then another 7 years, and so on and so on. Thanks again.


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