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Cold start


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After overhauled engine starting TIT 700 deg.Null start 760 deg then changed TD valve,Td calibaration ,All thermocouple checked and replaced new with T-block and harness,throttle rigging ck,blade angle ck,but problem still.all other throttle setting fuel flow, TIT,torque,RPM, are fine.perform rich lean check TIT drop 35 deg instant of 100 deg.Is it downstream burning or FCU faulty. 

takeoff TIT =977 FF= 2100,Torque=16500 inch lbs

cross over =760

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sharif,  theirs a pitot tube inside the intake of that engine that feeds outside air to your fuel control,make sure the plenum is connected properly, no kinks in the tubing, & obstruction free . sounds like your fuel control is getting it's air from inside the nacelle.   did this engine go to the test cell before you hung it on the wing. good luck  frank

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You know, I've been thinking on this problem. While I dont know the -7 engine, most of it's problems appear to

be the same as -15. From time to time we get engines that start cooler than expected. During the compressor

performance check this usually shows up as a compressor above the median in NORMAL zone or even in the

HIGH zone. Other things that can also affect the starting TIT are OAT and whether you are starting off

a GTC/APU or an engine. A last possibility is the starter control valve is opening fully and not modulating air

delivery to the starter for a slower, regulated start

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