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    1979-81 c-130 loadmaster vxe-6 operation deep freeze u.s. navy . 1981-83 c-130 f/e vq-3 nas barber pt. hi. 1986-87 line mechanic l.a.c. ryadh saudi arabia 1990-94 f/e vr-62 nas so weymouth, nas brunswick me. im done with hercs now i fix trains for the mbta in boston.
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  1. yes I do, I will try to keep it short, in order to prevent wing droop, pick the flaps up,next put somebody taxi quald. in the left seat, you need 10 kts or less head wind [ off the nose ] for good numbers. if you are re-calibrating torque gauges do two engines at a time [outboards then inboards] next pull everything to g/i , once everything has stabilized push all 4 up beyond crossover and do a prop. re-sync/index. that should prove any problems or fix them. I used to put a pilot in left seat, mech. in right, a q/a guy in my seat, I would stand behind them and watch the store. good luck I hop
  2. whats the latest on your fuel leak

    1. Shola


      Aircraft grounded for more professional intervention.

    2. frank t

      frank t

      any thing new on that fuel leak

    3. Shola


      Yes. We have carried out extensive sealing using A1/2 and B1/2 sealants. Job completed and allowed to cure. We are awaiting functional check flight to confirm if the leak has stopped. 

  3. good morning sir, ask the flight crew if they were pumping out of the external tanks when this happened and also i believe the apu fuel is a direct feed from # 2 main tank check recent maint. on both and look at plumbing. a clogged or fowl vent on # 2 main also creates problems good luck frank
  4. try starting eng. with fuel enrichment, i.e airstart if your making it to 50% i don't think you got stuck 5th & 10th stage bleed valves. f/f seems low
  5. we found a crimped plenum in the same area of a recently changed # 3 eng. took us 3 failed test flights and about a week of hunting to find it. frank t.
  6. good point pjvr. how about atmospheric vent to the fuel control ???
  7. good evening sir, normally when you leave cruise altitude and start a descend to land and your prop is pitch locked rpm goes down and torque will start to climb if the blades are locked up. if you start your descend and rpm goes up it usually means you have developed a flat blade angle. your nts system is not bumping the prop. up. i'm assuming your in a 4 bladed e or h model in any event we would shoot the approach until either prop. or eng. limits have been exceeded then feather that engine and continue the approach if the prop. doesn't feather then their other procedures to follow we would
  8. if your landing without a utility hydraulic system it's wise to chain the main gear down. just a little tip from the old antarctic explorer
  9. bob, i think your right. around 1968 the marines had an " F" model out in elcentro doing halo jumps at fl440. I had an empty "T" model belonging to vr-62 up to f/l 380 from elmendorf direct navy brunswick 7hrs 42min. we were hauling ass. frank thomas
  10. Manila , January 9, 2015— Yesterday, representatives of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) led by Major General Victor Bayani, Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics, conducted a second inspection of two U.S. C-130 aircraft at the Joint Reserve Naval Air Station in Fort Worth Texas. Following this inspection, General Bayani officially signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance on behalf of the government of the Philippines to procure the aircraft, with an anticipated delivery date in the first quarter of 2016. The sale of the two C-130s is part of the U.S. Government’s commitment t
  11. the apu is not as strong as the T-56 engine if you load up the apu gen. with 2 a/c buses it could bog down the apu causing to come off line . then you are really screwed. good luck
  12. sharif, theirs a pitot tube inside the intake of that engine that feeds outside air to your fuel control,make sure the plenum is connected properly, no kinks in the tubing, & obstruction free . sounds like your fuel control is getting it's air from inside the nacelle. did this engine go to the test cell before you hung it on the wing. good luck frank
  13. hi minha5866 i believe it's for saftey reasons, so if the brakes fail or are not set, the airplane won't due an immediate left turn and plow into a building . like what happened to a friend of mine, also what natops said + your ensuring your 5th & 10th stage bleed valves are working properly eliminating the possibility of a hot, hung or stalled start thanks frank thomas
  14. hi folks, i believe the marines had an f model up too 44k for a halo jump back in the late 60's. I had a 2 year old T model up to 32 k on a flight from elmendorf direct to navy brunswick with a kick ass tailwind we were grounding just under 400 kts. the canadian controlers asked us a couple of times what we were flying. good flight
  15. natops, we've always followed the in-flight procedure followed by emergency shutdown & egress , the problem is the ground guys don't think they have to memorize the bold face the way an f/e does. the fact of the matter is the ground guy has a better chance of having a problem over the F/E because he already knows the plane is screwed up.
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