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BTW we always disagree with Lockheed on the number produced because Lockheed says they did not build 5048 N82178, and 5056 N8213G and 5056 N8218J, my guess is contracts with the spooks.

Interesting... I was not aware for their denial.  Seems like they would have given them c/n's that were not sequential to the rest. 


So lockheed is officially claiming 2500?

I was told that 5780 was number 2500.  I am not sure if this includes the YCs, L-100s or the three that bob mentioned above.  I'll try to do a count when I have a free minute.

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From Bob's list. A-233, B 230, E-493, H-1085, L100-118.  That totals 2159 including the two YCs and the three bob mentioned.  5780 is the 346th J and that would make a total of 2505. 


Minus the three Bob mentioned above and the two YCs that would make 5780 the 2500th by Lockheed's count. 

5777 would be the 2500th by Bob's count (the correct count).


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