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50 TAS closing?


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I got this off of Facebook, it is one of the groups I belong too: It was posted by a current member of the 50th. For those wondering the fate of the 50th, our UNOFFICIAL last day is being socialized as 1 May. We still do not have official word regarding our possible deactivation or any other possibilities. In preparation for this outcome we are looking into the feasibility of having a alumni reunion in April and also an online auction of Red Devil memorabilia (items the LRAFB and USAF museum Historian can't take) in order to allow those who helped purchase these items through the Red Devil Association a chance to give our proud heritage a good home. More details to follow.

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50th has a lot of C-130 history going back to 1956 at Sewart I think, and of course SEA. Surprised they did not keep the lineage.

Looking at active duty Squadrons in 130's, 50th and 61 go back to 1956, 39,40,41,62 go back to 1957, 36 and 37 go back to 1966.

48th has opened up 3 times first in 1963, and 2 AS came along in 1992.

With AFRC maybe shutting down Pope is 2 AS going away?

Is the 345th AD at Keesler still operating? How about the 815AS AFRC at Keesler also?

I looked at the LRF website this AM and it still shows the 913 and 327 AFRC at LRF. Are they closed?




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I'd love to know who gets to decide this stuff. For sure they don't look at longivity, lineage, etc.

When I arrived at LRAFB back in 74 the Five O was the mutz nutz. They'd blown in from CCK/SEA with a reputation that few could rival. I was in the 32nd and while we considered ourselves to be the top squadron on base if were really honest most of us secretly wanted to be a Red Devil.

I did get to fly with them quite extensively during Desert Shield/Storm because I was at Dhahran with 5th MAPS and we flew in theatre in order to maintain proficiency/ currency one day a week, on our day off. There was a huge number of Herk crews transiting daily, but I always tried to make sure that I flew with a crew from the Five O.  

What's interesting to me is that the 314th Troop Carrier Group was composed of the 32nd, 50th, 62st, and 62nd TCS during WWII  and they made the shake at Sicily, Salerno, D-Day, Airborne crossing of the Rhein, etc.. So sad that the AF turned it's back on that history.    

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I was one of the last MFEs on AD to leave the 50th before it shutdown and I got orders to DM to work on the ECs because I refused to work on J models lol Still on H models that's all I cared about, but it was a pleasure to work with the 913th, im glad I was part of the 50th history....

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