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  1. Like this one....this is my Uncle, Charlie Agar....I think he painted that...
  2. Those tubes are part of the defensive systems. Lot of shifting plans in the gunship world. No U-boats or W's have been retired yet. However they are on the chopping block, but when they go has a lot to do with the AC-J becoming operational. Some U's were slated for this year but that has changed....the new number is less being retired this year.....don't know tail numbers. AC-H is pretty much done...I think the last one gets bone-yarded in June....sad day.
  3. picture of 0523 as the Cannon gate guard
  4. 30 years later... Similar thing in Iraq, when that was still going on. Totally different animal, taking the guys/girls into Iraq, vs, taking them out. Taking them in it was always a quiet, dull, sad looking bunch. On the way out, we'd line up, take off, swing the gear, then you'd hear this hooting and hollering from the back...it was pretty cool. Camera flashes....couple of water bottle getting splashed around....party in back of 245...
  5. It wasn't there this morning on the way to work, but when I went back later to pick up some beers at the Shoppette....64-0523 c/n [cn]4007[/cn] was sitting as the gate guard at Cannon. I'll try to get a picture on here on Sunday... It's a nice piece of history to have displayed out here.
  6. Weekends are usually booked with the kiddos....however, might be able to score a day off, head to Dora with my cutoff wheel and toolbox...(and a cooler)
  7. So, any of you or FE's or MX guys remember going through some class and the instructors started talking about specific parts...and then they'd pass around said part so you could see it and touch it. " Here is how a speed switch works"..... and then they'd pass around a speed switch so everyone could see it.... Question is, where/how can I get these parts....and anything goes. I'd love a fuel control with the aft cover removed (so you can see the little wizard that makes the smoke and mirrors in there)....you know stuff like that. I'm prodding my MX friends and calling around to FTD Detachements etc....
  8. I'm becoming an Evalautor FE in the next few weeks..... I'd love to hear your checkride stories.....good/bad...giving or getting a checkride, best evaluator/worst evaluator...let's hear 'em! Loads, Navs, Pilots...you guys chime in too! Crew Chiefs/MX'ers...lets hear your QA stories... -topbolts
  9. On a -15 the takeoff is 1067-83...normally 1077. What is the +/- range for...I thought I heard it had some significance at one point?
  10. At one point a few of our Crew Chiefs renamed a couple of the W's Britney, Lindsey, Whitney..... (girls with issues)...
  11. So....as far as bombs on -130's go (besides pushing them out of the cargo compt)...anyone know about this picture. I remember seeing it on here and know its been around. I also think about it when some of the guys I work with...say "this has never been done"
  12. Right on Talonlm...lot of the traditional guys took a step back when they heard of daylight flying. But, we're all comfortable with it given the capabilities we have. AS far as capability goes, I'll spill the beans. We have one of the those Star Trek cloaking devices and warp drives on the engines. Mooj never see us...and its a blast to mess with the fighter guys... As you mentioned, the battlefield has changed. I'm sure the guys who invaded Iraq and Afghianstan had some experiences, but I don't think (currently) we're experiencing anything like the Vietnam era guys did. Now, daylight ops when we go after some other country....well, my @ss might eat the seat cushion....we'll see.
  13. They've been flying during the daylight for 2 years now, in theatre...I've done 2 deployments on them. I won't get detailed on the internet, but the W is safe during the day. SDB's are alive and well, and impressive. W is by no means a standard gunship, or what you're used to seeing. ( I'm also not saying it's better or worse...just a different capability) And truth be told, you could take a slick, put it in an orbit overhead day or night, and the $hith3@ds are gonna run and hide. BTW Spectre 623, I get to see a bunch of students going to the 16th SOS...I actually recommended they read a book written by one of your own "Callsign; Spectre"....(I'm trying to get them to read their history!!). I also throw Sam McGowan's books at them also, for some C-130 history. Couple of them, (told me) they actually read them!
  14. says something for the short take off and landing capability of the c-17.....
  15. look for a thread titled 64-0523....ironically, it's two titles down from yours.
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