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  1. Wow, interesting that you should mention that MC-1 switchblade knife, I just found mine last week and gave it to my Grandson along with the fixed blade knife I carried on missions in Nam and your right that switchblade was not much of a knife
  2. Great job Casey, I don't say much , but visit the site every day, thanks again Cliff Naha 56 543
  3. Thanks for doing such a great job, I can not begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed this site. Brought back so many great memorys of my time with C 130s
  4. I keep hearing that Crew Chiefs did not fly , but 90% of the time that was the first thing the Engineer would ask "YOU FLYING WITH US TODAY CHIEF" I know for myself, I flew every mission I had a chance to go on.
  5. I would find it very hard to believe that any one that was at Naha ,did not make it into Naminoue, Oh and the 21ST was the best!!!!!!
  6. Cliff

    Amazing gun

    That's got to have one hell of a kick, 2 45s going off at the same time.
  7. Mine is like yours Giz, all it shows is time overseas. Nothing listed about any place I went. Cliff
  8. OK, I need an address, I just went thu my records and found a Special Order T-801 dated 13 March 1968 (BLANKET TDY ORDERS) With an A1C Sager, Benjamin N. AF15765558 listed , if this is what we are looking I can copy it and send it, just need an address. Cliff Ward [email protected]
  9. OK, I need my memory refreshed, I ran engines when I was in the Phase docks and than when I was out on the flight line, and I don't remember any chains, July 67 to Jan 69 21st TAS Oh, I agree the was rack was not a fun place , washed 56 0543 there to many times
  10. Ken, Are you talking about the big hanger on the other side of the fighters plains, if so, they did an upgrade on the landing gear, I know they did it on 56 0543 in I think early 68 when I was the ACC. It was in there for about 3 or 4 days. Cliff
  11. Hey , I remember that , in fact Luther called the MP's on us for throwing beer cans at the screen
  12. Dan, I like the way you think !!
  13. They were some great pictures, brings back a lot of good memorys. I should know you , but can't remember that far back, I was at Naha in the 21 from July 67 to Jan 69, Worked first in the Phase docks and then went out on the flight line on 56 543 Cliff Ward
  14. What kind of info are you looking for, was not in the Blind Bat group, but was a Crew Chief on an A model at Naha 56 543
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