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  1. Anyone know/find a good part number for the Phenolic Hydraulic Clamp Blocks used in the flap wells at station #28? Thanks.
  2. After discussing with some of the most experienced Sheetmetal Mechanics, including the Senior Sheetmetal Lead with 30+ years at WRALC, they say absolutely no way, no how.
  3. This p/n is no longer procureable... But if I needed it to get me home, I would sure use it. FEDLOG also states, "REQUISITIONS MAY CONTINUE TO BE SUBMITTED UNTIL STOCKS ARE EXHAUSTED." The only other info I can find is that it does not contain any precious metals, and it was canceled in 1993.
  4. IPB: Illustrated Parts Breakdown; IPC: Illustrated Parts Catalogue 6 of one; half dozen of the other...
  5. Thanks for the input guys, but common sense doesn't cut it. I once ran #1 engine to NGI, but had the RH MLG door up. Lovely QA saw this, and then wrote me up for a DSV. Like I mentioned before, the 71-00-1 says "Closed, Secured." Is there anything that says I can run with any panel or door "Fully Removed?"
  6. Is there anything that says an engine run can be performed with a MLG door removed? I know the 71-00-1 pre-engine run inspection checklist says "Closed, Secured," but what about in the event a door is removed?
  7. Let me clarify, engine is not running, #4 engine T-Handle is blinking (overheat indication as soon as power is applied). Thanks!!!
  8. Got a turbine overheat indication on the T-handle and on the instrument panel and I can't figure out where my problem is. I've checked all four of the detectors in the clam shell (checked good) and installed a new keyer but those dang lights in the T-handle keep blinking. Any help ya'll can provide would be great.
  9. Tiny, you have been a great source of information for many of my questions. In my original post, I asked if anyone has seen a CRES Heat Exchanger installed. That is what lead, not just me, but many others around me to question whether the newer style Exchanger required paint. So, have you ever seen a non-painted Heat Exchanger installed?
  10. Let me get this straight, you are the same Patrick Griffin that was at the 61st, the same Patrick Griffin that gave me a QA award in 2003 at Al Udeid for an engine run I performed exactly by the book:eek: It's Caldwell. How are you?
  11. Anyone have the part number to the Tridair fasterner on the hose reel assembly access panel. All we can retrieve is the name Tridair and a "-2" This is for a 65 model C-130P. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Tiny, but unfortunately the drawing I am after is the weld drawing number, L8743034(-1). We have seen this drawing, but there is not enough evidence to support whether this newer style heat exchanger requires paint or not.
  13. I too am authorized to view JEDMICS, but can not locate a drawing for p/n L7843039-1. You sure that was for the stainless exchanger? Can you provide me a drawing number, discretely or publicly?
  14. Tiny, where did you find the drawings?
  15. Has anyone seen a L8743039-1 heat exchanger installed? It is the newer Heat Exchanger and was supplied to me unpainted, (It is stainless steel). The older 85027-1 Heat Exchanger is aluminum in construction and painted with Black Wrinkle (High Heat) paint. Just wondering if anyone has seen the stainless steel version installed, or knows of a paint spec or type for the L8743039-1 exchanger.
  16. Nc97

    Merry Christmas

    The Herc Santa uses...
  17. Nc97

    T-56 props

    Anyone heard of the USAF upgrading the 54H60-117 model props to the 8 bladed type?
  18. Very sad... http://photos.nj.com/star-ledger/2009/11/italy_plane_crash.html
  19. RD ability escapes me at the moment...(No pun intended).
  20. Plaprad, funny you should ask. I heard them numbered this way in the Robins AFB New Employee Orientation Class: C-130 Emergency Egress.
  21. Can anyone explain to me the logic behind the numbering of the overhead emergency hatches? Correct me if I am wrong, but why is #1 in the rear, #3 in the middle, and #4 above the flight-crew bunk? Why no #2?
  22. Nc97

    My Jack-o-lantern

    Count me in, like someone mentioned, the bigger the better.
  23. So, let's say about 14.92 inhg give or take, depending on your location, etc...
  24. Just accepted a job with my current employer, working on the C-130 HVM program. Anyone have any input as to the Warner Robins area? Where to live, where not to live? Thanks!
  25. Has anyone ever heard of an engine inlet ice detector fracturing and Fodding out an engine? I recently spoke with an engineer at Mack Electronics and he mentioned that the older 575-315’s were renowned for this; we talking hundreds of T-56’s. I also understand that the 575-315’s have been replaced by the Lockheed approved 092-000-001’s. Was there ever an Air Force TCTO to check for these 575-315’s and remove them from service?
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