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  1. Thanks Tiny...I figured an AFETS guy would know the specifics
  2. Just remember.."gust locks" is a misnomer. Folks install those things and wonder why they get elevator and rudder damage when any significant winds/gusts come up. They were never intended to secure the elevator and rudder in significant wind. I don't recall at how high the predicted wind gusts were supposed to be before you pressurize boost packs for snubbing.
  3. That may very well be..when I got out..I was under the impression that AMC had funded for the same Enhanced CWB that the SOF aircraft were getting
  4. There is an Enhanced Ceneter Wing box (SOF CWB) for both the E/H CWB replacement and for the J-model. I know that all the new HCJ and MCJ were supposed to get this Enhanced CWB and that it was supposed to be standard on J's from I beleive it was either 2010 or 2011 onward. Perhaps one of the depot folks or Lockheed guys can confirm this? When I left the service, they were still trying to figure out what the total EBH service life would be for these new enhanced CWBs..for the E/H replacement it was 90K+
  5. That's true partone..Warner Bubba does much more than a CWB when the aircraft goes down for a change, depending on the timing..I know a large portion of SOF aircraft were getting PDMs done in conjunction with the CWB..it's all a big scheduling thing to ensure maximum return for the time the aircraft is down.
  6. Driving by Hurlburt today and saw them moving 567 to the Air Park.
  7. COYOTE26, Are you getting damage to tires? If so..what does the damage pattern look like? A good percentage of tire damage that folks attribute to aquaplanning may be actually attributed to anti skid issues. Lot's of smart folks here on the site...(I'm not neccessarily one of the smart ones)...Just gives us the issues you are having with as much details as you can provide and I'm sure the technical expert will chime in with knowledge, suggestions and reccomendations.
  8. What is your question(s)? Maintenance or Ops?
  9. Trust me..we thought it would be crap from day one (and possibly dangerous)....but the folks on the 3rd floor and the folks in Sunny Tampa wanted to show that it could be done faster and cheaper than the Marine effort and the Lockheed effort. Not sure if they figured out whose "short arm" was longer.
  10. It should be called out in either the drawing or the engineering package..the -4 wouldn't have that.
  11. Hopefully some Herk operator will confirm this..but I was under the impression that the -30's are limited in some tactical events. As to why the MCJ, HCJ and KCJ are stubbies?...One of the main points are that the refuel pod hose only goes out so far...too much R&D to develop new refuel pods and hoses for -30J...There are other reasons as well.
  12. I know it took a WR-ALC field team almost 30 days to replace a single cracked bottom rainbow fitting. Not sure how long it takes to do at WR-ALC proper. I believe LM Greenville had thought it would take about 45 days to do a complete set(lft,rt, upper & lower), however that really didn't work out too well..I believe it usually ran into about double that. C-130 depot work is a major part of what LM Greenville does for a living so I can imagine what it would take for an outfit that has never done it before. It's the tearing it down, putting it all back together and the disturbed system checks that really eat up the time.
  13. I'm pretty sure that the depot folks work from engineering packages developed by WR-ALC
  14. It's done on a routine basis at depot. However, it does require removal of outer wing, not something you want to do in the field. What a cluster f&*@ it was when we found out those rainbow fittings were the weakest link.
  15. I believe that is what the augmented Crew Station is for. Pretty sure they decided not to go with an RO for the J.
  16. Last I understood it before I left the Puzzle Palace, these were not to be a "Talon III" However, they may be eventually "spiral" developed until they end up with similar capabilities. Only time will tell..the "plus 3 + 7=10"(now MC-130W) was supposed to be a Talon 2 crew trainer then spiraled into the post-AMP MC-130H. Now I'm not sure what it is with Dragon spear.
  17. We still had those on MCH 84-0475 when I was crew chief. Until some D*&% beater got his hands on mine and took them!
  18. Fantastic! I've heard of it but had never actually got the chance to read it. Just goes to show who the real "gods" are in the 130 world..and not the "zipper-suited" kind ;)
  19. The MC-130P of CA ANG are ACC gained and ACC maintains configuration control on them. I believe when the worked up how many HCJ's they needed..they included those ANG MCP's in the mix. Maybe one of tthe ACC folks on here can confirm. The MC-130H is not currently programmed to be replaced by MC-130J, although I wouldn't rule that out toward the end of the production cycle. AFSOC has a history of changing it's mind on a weekly (or daily) basis. Also, the MC-130W, Combat Spear, production was set at 12..Although a number of them are being modified to the Dragon Spear configuration. Not sure what the final mix will be.
  20. Due to the job market (lack thereof) I'm considering doing a year in Saudi with their C-130 program. I'd like to hear pros/cons and any advice from anyone that did a stint over there. I haven't made up my mind whether to suck it up and sign on the dotted line or head over to the nearest Wally-world and throw myself under a shopping buggy.
  21. Snowstorm was the ALE-40 install on the Slick C-130s, where the flares were up in fillet panel area above MLG. These were later upgraded to ALE-47. The system that you see on some air deflector doors, usually ANG or AFRC C-130s, is the -157 IR jammer system. It's an older system that is rapidly being phased out by one of the AAQ-24 systems.
  22. Not bad as in cracked...bad as in that type barrel nut from that manufacturer is supect. What started this all of was 5 "bad" barrel nuts that were cracked on a Pope C-130H. I haven't heard if they've found any more cracked.
  23. From what the SPO has told us, the barrel nuts in question were supposed to have met the spec for that application. The issue is that the manufacturer evidently scewed the pooch during the manufacturing process that leaves these nuts suceptible to "embrittlement". I would not characterize that Lockheed or the SPO installed "incorrect" nuts, just nuts that came from a manufacturer that didn't have the right quality controls in-place to ensure they produced a quality product comensurate with the application. I do believe there should be enough blame to go around with the agencies that are supposed to be looking out for our best interest when buying aircraft parts. We just went through a similar issue with the truss mount and external tank mount bolts about 6-8 months ago. That was due to bolts being introduced into the system from an umknown source with suspect bolt head stamps. I still haven't heard what came from that investigation.
  24. Maybe one of the geezers can confirm ;-), but I was told that it was part of a stall warning system that didn't last long on the 130's. We had an AWADS aircraft at Ramstein that had one of those leading edges, but no wiring or other group A that could be found. I think it was on 6566 but not too sure, I'm quickly headed to geezer status myself.
  25. The data for these aircraft are being tracked in AIRCAT and recieve the data from the worksheets the FE fills out after each flight. The reason you don't see any special ASIP inspections in the 130A-6 is that there have been no specific recurring ASIP inspections required. This is not saying there haven't been any ASIP issues but these were handled by inspection TCTOs. 90%+ of recurring 130A-6 ASIP inspections are for MDSs with standard CWB (MCH, MCW, ACU and slicks). Both the MCP and MCE, as well as ACH, aircraft have the SOF Center wing (Lockheed calls Extended Service Life-ESL Center Wing). To date, the service life of the SOF CWB is 80000+ EBH. What the "+" will is still TBD, engineering re-evaluation is in-progress on what the final EBH will be on SOF CWB. Both of the MCP and MCE will be replaced in SOF by the MCJ which will be delivered with the ESL CWB (yes..lockheeds name for SOF CWB, just think cha-ching!). The last time I checked, I believe most of the MCPs and MCEs were all in the 30Ks for EBH. Lots of ASIP info out there, hope this helps.
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