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  1. Funny what triggers a memory. Back in 1964 when I had been recently assigned to Pope, just out of tech school at Amarillo, and still a 1 striper, the first real work I did on a C-130 was to help tie down a couple Herks that couldn't be flown out. I imagine it was 'cause of a hurricane, but still it seems to me that it was early in '64, not hurricane season. Anyway, being very young and still wet behind the ears I thought it was quite exciting to be there doing that!....Chris
  2. This thread is bringing back an awfully lot of memories. I'd forgotten how tired I was most of the time (this all refers to "in country"), as well as remembering, now, all the various terms, and equipment we worked with. Seems as if I may not have known then what a type of job was called, just did it. One of the old guys I remember the clearest was a SGT. Middleton, don't remember his exact rank, but he couldn't bend his arm he had so many stripes. I think his job title was "Line Chief"? Does that sound familiar to anyone? Anyway he was the guy who made sure all us 2 stripers were there when a Herk landed. One hell of a good man and taught us more than he ever realized. By the way, it was his 3rd war! If you go to my gallery, he is in the picture with the jeep. Thanks for the memories Chris
  3. As I recall, and it was a long time ago, when the 776th was still at Pope the CC flew with his assigned aircraft. Later on, the Wing changed over to the Orginazitional Maintenance style. The aircraft still had an assigned CC, I was assigned #877, but rarely flew with the aircraft as there were maint types at just about anywhere the aircraft ended up. However, any time I asked I was usually allowed to fly with my aircraft for the days sorties. It is my understanding that late in 1966 all CC were required to fly with thier aircraft. I didn't actually know about the Requirement, just noticed that I was with my airplane all day, or night. Along with that, MTcrewchief has it dead on correct. One note: some flight crews were better than others, of course, and I noticed that when the aircraft came home with the cargo compartment covered in blood and other assorted debris it was a special type of LM that stuck around to help clean up. Re: Sam McGowan.
  4. This thread is getting a little old, but thought I'd add on just a little. No Sam, we did not see the Herk inside the museum. They had one heck of a large "Flying Tiger" exhibit, that being the Burma Flying Tigers, not the CIA Tigers. And I'll bet that old clunker Herk out in the weeds was the H model you mentioned. Really looking foreward to the convention next year.....Chris
  5. Hey guy's, am I the only one having trouble with Sam's email address? Every time I try it I get sent to some weird Microsoft site and if I cut and past it to my server, Frontier, won't recognize it as a valid address and won't send it!! Help??? chris
  6. I was with the 776th which ended up TDY at a Tachi (out of Pope) from Dec. 1965 to (I think) April or maybe May of '66. We were held at Tachi 'cause CCK wasn't ready for us just yet. Don't remember much about Tachi, wasn't there a lot as we did a ton of TDY "in country" from Tachi. I always figured we were TDY from TDY. As long as I'm here, does anyone remember a loadmaster by the name of James Wilcoxson, he went by the name of Jodi. I sure would like to find him. He crossed over to loadmaster school at Pope in early 1964 with Sam McGowan and that bunch. I heard that he eventually ended up a FE, and obviously a lifer. Thanks....Chris
  7. The wife and I stopped through Robbins on the 28th or 29th of May this year. Tell ya the truth it was a bit of a dissapointment. There was not one aircraft take off or landing and the only able bodied aircraft I did see (and I didn't get a good look) looked to be, maybe a couple of 135s getting new paint. The museum was a bit of a bust, but there was 2 old decrepid 130s parked out, way out, back in the tall grass. One of them was an E model, solid grey paint, with most of the leading edge wing panels missing. Looked to me as if it was being canabilized. Kind of reminded me of when 772 broke down at Tachi in '66 and the 776th used it for a parts depot. Either way I'm really interested in that convention next year. Is it just me or are all those airmen that I saw at Robbins all kids? Chris
  8. Sam McGowan, are you out there? I was just reading through the C-130 humor posts and thought of that incident in early 1964 at Pope when a bunch of newbies got to talking back and forth to each other on the aircraft radio and were broadcasting all over civilian air waves. It was anything but funny. Do you recall the details and repercussions? Chris
  9. Mt.Crewchief, I'm going to have to get back to this site more often. I too would find it an absolute thrill to go back over those maint. forms. I've asked around a little, but no one seems top think that those old ones back in the early 60s are to be found. But you guys sure dredged up a lot of memories! The grease, oil and blood comment was right on. Back in 1963 through 1967 we never had to keep track of our time. When did that happen? Am I correct in picturing a sheet somewhat larger that todays 81/2 X 11 with two rows of squares about 2x2 with a little square in the upper right corner where the red diadonal or red X went? Geez guys, this is hard on an old man! chris
  10. Not that this has anything to do with a Herk blowing up, but some years back when I was a "big rigger", all the drivers in the company were required to carry along several extra fuel filters 'cause a bacteria was in the fuel tank at the terminal and the bacteria plugged the fuel filters. Company ended up replacing the storage tank. Don't think anything exploded. But it is interesting that something can grow in a petroluem product. Chris
  11. Many, many, years ago (1966) in a land far, far away (Republic of South Vietnam) there was a C-130 squadron named the 776th. One day in that year of 1966 one of those fine C-130s blew both left main gear tires on a lovely old PSP runway belonging to some fine U.S. Marines located in a little valley long since forgotten. That day there was a lot of discussion as to what to do with that poor 'lil ol' Herky bird stranded in the middle of that runway. Some thought it wise to bulldoze it off to the side and be done with it. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and another C-130 complete with two aircraft repair types was flown in (a very hairy landing indeed!) and repairs were accomplished, the next day the C-130 and the two very tired aircraft repair types were returned to thier very own TDY base named Nha Trang. Several decades later one of those brave aircraft repair types discovered that the AC of the "rescue" aircraft was awarded a very lovely medal for his brave actions. Now, boys and girls, that you know the story, is it even remotely possible that the 1966 repair records for the 776th would be in hiding in some remote dark archive, and would it be possible to access those records. After all it was the two aircraft repair types who were on duty all night performing the repairs that enabled the original aircraft to return home. Thanks for any help or information...Chris
  12. With an invite like that I'll seriously consider an out of route side trip. I'll have my laptop with me, so I'll be in touch. It'll be the first week in June. I wonder if I'll recognize any thing?
  13. Oh Man, does this thread bring back memories. I was assigned to Pope from Tech at Amarillo really late in '63 along with such guys as Sam McGowan and Jody Wilcoxson. Tell ya the truth guys,most of us didn't get a chance to settle in. One TDY after another 'till the Wing was re-assigned to SEA, and we all left permenantly. All accept Don Turnpaugh. I think he spent his entire enlistment at Pope. I love the comment about the wing cracks. Brings back a ton of really bad memories. We checked for cracks while at CCK. Miserable job!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.....Chris
  14. Hello everyone...I have been off the grid for many, many months and just now returned to this wonderful updated web site. It looks great! Now a question. I will be traveling from the "north country" to Florida to spend some quality time with my friend from "nam" over Memorial Day. We will be driving right past Moody AFB. As I am an ol' raggedy ass C-130 crew chief and Moody has C-130s will they let me in for a visit? I and my wife have the DOD ID and Privelege card, so I know we can enter the base for BX priveliges etc., but do think I'd be able to have some limited access to Herk? Thanks for any advice....Chris
  15. I think I may have commented on the 37th once before on this thread but I'll check in anyway. I rotated back from CCK to Langley in January of 1967 to be told that I was no longer a crew chief and would spend the rest of my enlistment (7 months) in Post Dock. I wasn't the only one: a whole slew of us were treated that way. Lots of deep seated hard feelings which led to a lot of drinking, etc. Really bad attitude toward the Air Force over such treatment to maybe 2 dozen of us. The AF would have retained most of us had they recignized the fact that we were combat crew chiefs and a lot of pride in the job we did overseas. As you can tell I'm still p---ed over it!! However, the answer to your question is; yes, I probably am one of those guys. Chris
  16. Wellllll, it's been 43 years since I crew chiefed a Herk, but safety is safety. I would have suggested caging that engine and heading for home. However, as a former cc I have a serious problem with the guy who signed off on that situation! He (or she) and I would have an up close and personal conversation ASAP.
  17. Well Casey, thats quite an accomplishment! Good job! Chris
  18. Well guys, my initial introduction to the "grease" situation was in late 1964, if memory serves me. I would imagine that a lot of tech changes occured over the years. As I said earlier; things changed rapidly from that time frame forward and aircraft maintance was sometimes erratic. The "nuts and bolts" of this whole thing is that I was surprised at finding grease on this recent static display. Chris
  19. Wasn't at Racine, was at Truax in Madison. The soap was an idea cooked up by my bestest friend and myself. Worked very well as long as we had access to soap!! I think that Airborne Brigadier was simply flexing his rank and hassling a 2 striper. As far as a machine of war; we were at Pope (Fort Bragg) and everything and everyone was still spitshined-that changed very quickly.
  20. I hope this is the proper thread for this. Just an observation: the other day I visited a C-130 on static display, the crew had a small ladder set up to aid people in entering the paratroop door. As I climbed in the door I got grease all over my hand. Now, it's been well over 40 years since I crewed #877, but I seem to remember a rather senior 82nd Airborne officer telling me in no uncertain terms that he did not want his troopers getting grease all over themselves while exiting my aircraft. Norm Plantz and I came up with the idea of using soap on the door tracks, if anything at all. Mostly I made sure that the door tracks stayed "very" clean...Chris
  21. Just a note on the 37th/Langley. In January of 1967 there was a whole slew of us that were assigned to the 37th upon our rotation from CCK. Most of us had only weeks, a few months at most, left in our enlistment. We had been told that we were in a "critical career field" and the AF needed us. Every single one of us ended up baby sitting OMS, and never did crew chief another C-130. Morale was at -10. Alot of heavy drinking. One night a bunch of us ended up in jail, the city cops had the MPs come and get us. Nothing ever came of it. The comment that I heard was: what the hell are we going to do with them? They all have been over seas and most of them are combat crew chiefs! There was a lot of discontent, and I believe to this day that if the AF would have handled things differently a lot of us would have re-upped.....Chris
  22. tinwhistle


    This is an interesting thread (TDY). For an old guy like me it gives me a reason to remember some of the really good times as a raggedy 'ol maintenance weenie. I arrived at Pope in Jan. of 1964 and immediately cross trained into C-130s (from B-47s at Amarillo Tech) then onto the flight line OMS. I volunteered (begged) onto every flight I could and was thrilled when asked if I wanted to TDY at Evreux A.B. France. One of my best high school friends was stationed at the hospital there at Evreux!! Charlie had been there about a year when I arrived, so knew his way around pretty well. He took us to Paris a couple of times but the greatest thing he did for me was invite me to a Christmas party at the orphanage that the hospital supported. It was one of the most memorable days of my life!! I treasure the pictures and the memories of those kids and of the wonderful nuns. It's been 44 years since then and the pictures are priceless; as I get older it is harder to remember those times. Thanks, guys, for letting me travel back! Chris
  23. I\'m way late in my reply to this thread, but you guys that are retired know how things get put off. I thought that the military service connection and Social Security warrented looking into. Checking in with the local S.S. office and calling the national toll free number I received about the same reply. The only time that your military service will have an impact on your S.S. check is if you didn\'t get in enough quarters or your income was below a certain leval. If that is the case then maybe you could receive an increase. When I retired I called ahead and made an appointment and my DD214 was one of the documents they told me to bring along. In my case my military service made no difference in my monthly check. :S Chris
  24. OK all you old timers (loads and chiefs), here\'s an odd question for you. Does anyone remember that horrible disinfectant that they gave us when we rotated back to CCK from in country? It was used to clean out the cargo compartment from the stench of transporting KIAs and WIAs.As I recall, it came in a 5 or 6 gallon bucket and I used a broom to swish it around to disinfect and deodorize the aircraft, and it was horrible. Took your breath away and brought tears to your eyes. I\'d like to know if any one remembers that stuff and maybe even some kind of name or other information...thanks guy\'s. Chris
  25. Man, you gotta be kiddin\' me!! Hey,donwon, as you were running all you would have seen of me is heels and elbows!! Chris:woohoo:
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