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    Crew ID?

    I bet the LM was talking about his mother. Pat
  2. Pat Wylie, Summerville, SC Jeep White, Charleston, SC Mick Mcgolthlen, Guffey, CO
  3. Transient barracks at TSN. No lights, windows or ventilation . Nothing more than a bunker.
  4. pwylie

    Vietnam vet

    May you and your family find peace. Ya'll will be in my prayers. Pat
  5. pwylie

    Pontiac AZTEC

    Sent to me by Micky M.
  6. I just saw a picture in the gallery in US Herk's album. It's the one that shows a monument with a prop blade and say, "Here I am, send me". Can someone tell me what this monument represents? Pat Wylie
  7. pwylie

    How True

    This sign is real and within a 1/2 mile of the front gate of Kiawah Island, SC. I wonder how many takers he's had?
  8. pwylie


    Howard AFB, Panama is hands down the best rotation I went on. Beautiful beaches, beautiful girls and cheap rum!
  9. pwylie


    Anyone remember having to TDY at Fayette Nam (Pope) in the '70s and having to stay downtown at the Prince Charles Hotel? That place was rough.
  10. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.
  11. Is this what they really mean by 'Load Clear'?
  12. pwylie

    New Members

    Or possibly, by choice, include your name under the scene name? Pat
  13. It's a POW identification tag from Survival School at Spokane.
  14. Does anybody remember what this is? Hint: "Piece of Cake"
  15. pwylie


  16. This site is unbelievable. Thanks for all the great memories. Pat Wylie
  17. pwylie

    Roll call

    Worst day of my life when I lost my Dad. He flew P-47's in the AAC.
  18. Hey. She was the prettiest one of the bunch, and she wasn't that bad! Besides, it was the CP's that we had to worry about. Pat Wylie
  19. Let's have it in Charleston, SC Go Gamecocks!!! Pat Wylie
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