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    I remember during Desert Shield my co-pilot was new to the unit. We only had the '88 H2s about a year before we deployed. He put his foot on his seat and stepped over the center console to get off the cockpit. I told him "sir, we don't do that in the Guard, we take care of our birds". Another time we picked up some Pope aircrew members and their loads started rigging seats to help get going sooner. One kept stepping on the troop seats. He looked up and saw me looking at him and stepped down and apologized. I said "young man, I personally know the crew chief and if he saw you do that to his new seats he'd cut your nuts off with a rusty Barlow knife".
  2. Do you like how your bird smells like a new car?
  3. Learn her personality. They all have one. When my ANG unit got new birds back in '89 they named 1301 "Spirit of West Virginia". The rest were named after the cities with the most unit members. All 8 are now MC-130Ws. Where are you stationed?
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    When I became an FE I always thought I was the plane's guardian until I returned her safe to her owner. The feeling of the carress is somewhere beween your child, a great dog, and a fine horse.
  5. Who knows what will happen? The original plan was to grab Charley West's H2s even thought they were already slated to become MC-130Ws. The AF wanted to have 8 H2s & 8 H3s in the same squadron at Pope. Talk about the left hand not talking to the right.
  6. It seemed there was a good bit of buffoonary after the realignments. I didn't know about Global Strike Command. Thanks for the update.
  7. It's probably like putting the C-130's in ACC for a while then putting them back in AMC. After the promotions were made in ACC, the birds were moved back.
  8. That's a former national science foundation bird (Navy). The newer LC-130Hs have the JATO mounts on the wheel well blisters and can't drop the bottles in flight.
  9. Thanks for the info. I forwarded the tail numbers to my friend.
  10. Does anyone have the tail numbers of the C-130s at Yakota in the mid 60's? A friend was a crew chief in aero repair there and wishes he had the tail numbes. His name is Gary Carpenter.
  11. The only thing SKE did was take some enjoyment out of flying. When Charie West got the H2s the 16 88's (Charlie West & Milwaukee) didn't have SKE. Loved it! Later we got SKE 2 or what ever the solid state second version of SKE is. Worked better than the original SKE on the E models but still was a PITA.
  12. Why doesn't the AF have all the birds modified to drop at higher speed? I guess since J models don't have a nav the need for AD accuracy is greater.
  13. I stand corrected. I thought it was an E out of Pope.
  14. It was an E model and had a FE. The crew day was involuntarily extended for "presidential support" after Clinton vacationed there and there was some equipment to be piceked up. One or two secret service agents were on the plane. After take off ATC directed them to fly towards the mountain they hit. It was a young crew that had been on the road for several days and then that day was extended because no one says no to "presidential support". The AF reaction was to use a climb gradient for take off and use TERPS. Sometimes the climb gradient wouldn't allow you to takeoff when the performance charts said you would miss the obstacle on two engines. A sad mishap caused by a simple mistake and then an over reaction to it. A better standard for a crew briefing and flight planning would have been a far better fix.
  15. After the Jackson Hole crash the TERPS training got started and then it was implemented. The AF started flying Herks like an airliner. Instead of going about things after the Jackson Hole incident the way it was IMHO making a better crew briefing standard was a better way. Having the FE review the location of obstructions relative to the runway on takeoff, the height(s), and the distance(s) and have them run the numbers will give everyone a better situation awareness. Sometimes ATC will kill you if you let them. ATC assumed a Herk could clear the mountain near Jackson Hole because corporate jets did it al the time.
  16. Dan, I still have my H whiz wheel. We never used them as they were off by too much for pre-rosemont H2s. I used them on the E models.
  17. I honestly wonder if my prostate cancer was from working on and later a FE on the E models that we got from CCK. Several guys from my ANG unit got prostate cancer.
  18. It looks like the Governors and Congress are bucking the AF's plan to gut the reserves and especially the ANG. Nothing against the AD but it costs less to operate a reserve unit than an AD one. Getting rid of reservists to keep AD troops is not a cost cutting move.
  19. I got your PM. IIRC there was a problem with using too much torque on the connection on the window. There were a few NESA fires because of it. It sounds like there's a resistance problem causing heat to build up at the connection. A cracked connector at the window would cause that.
  20. Make sure the windshield is connected to the correct terminal on the tranformer.
  21. Remember the Love canal fiasco? That happened at Niagara Falls, NY. IIRC there's a good bit of chemical industry around that area. I guess the T-56 radiators could be leaking.:rolleyes:
  22. What I heard was a request for the 130th to be considered for conversion to spec ops but nothing was said about the 88's. The guys I know that crewed the 88's and the H3's they have now wish they still had the 88's. Hard to belive the 88's are coming up on 23 years old! (We got them in '89)
  23. I was told by a 130th member the AG asked for the 130th to be considered to go Spec Ops. The 130th was an Air Commando unit with SA-16's and later C-119's.
  24. We'll contract our military needs to the Chinese! They're in a big military build up that were financing. The Walmart greeters should be chinese soldiers.
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