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  1. Just had the honor of taking 63-9813 into AMARG yesterday. Saw 2 T-1s still on the working line, as well as the NC-130H. Also saw them towing (94-6705?) a West Virginia bird that had been sandblasted down (all silver/shiny except for the nose), looked like they were taking it to the paint barn for a new coat. Didn't realize they did depot work over there... I was kind of sad to see all those E's out there, especially when I recognized about half the tail numbers...
  2. 4 Nashville H2s have been bound for AK since at least '06, that was BRAC directed to happen by 2011, just a coincidence it is around the same time.
  3. Bob's nailed it...there's only 15 at POB because one is an AOR loss. No extra Hercs to go around, so 15 it is!
  4. Remember that they cut the J buy short. Don't think Yokota is slated to get them anymore, but who knows. The Japanese Senator isn't as strong as Arkansas'...you know we don't let operational considerations get in the way of the political decision making process!
  5. I'm sure droves of AFRC and ANG folks will pick up and move to LRF for a "temporary" training solution. Should've just kept the AD E's a little longer, probably would've been cheaper in the long run vs. this goat rope.
  6. Not surprised one bit. I'm sure it will all work flawlessly, like all plans do from DC.
  7. Plan for several years has been for the Dyess H1s to all go to LR to replace their retiring Es. BUT, looks like the brainiacs in DC would now rather retire 19 Dyess Hs and "reallocate" H2s from the ANG/AFRC to fill the AETC void at LR. I'm sure that will work out perfectly and none of the units will mind...HA! Good luck with that plan! Charlie West has already started the "oh no you don't" campaign, just a matter of time before the other states follow suit.
  8. Was an attempt at sarcasm...the baseline argument for the Js has been E replacement for as long as I can remember. The strength of TX CODELs rerouted the J to Dyess as opposed to Little Rock, where the last Es are. So they had to divert the H1s to Little Rock to replace Es (less capable -7 engines, older than '74 H1s). Politics. I was just making fun of the comments the politicians were making.
  9. So now we'll send the "oldest and worst airplanes" to Little Rock to replace the what, younger and more capable E's headed to the Boneyard??? Gotta love politicians...
  10. StovetopNav


    If I recall correctly, I think this tail had already received the CWB temp repair...it had way high EBH and had definitely earned its sunset flight to DM, serving our AF proudly for many years in many AORs.
  11. Yokota might get some one for one swaps, but no increases in Hs. Dyess will completely turn J and all the iron is supposed to be LR bound. Look at where the last AD E's are and you can guess where the J will go next...if they stay funded...
  12. Don't know about fuel cell...they had some random MX positions but don't recall what they all were. I would think there's one fuel cell slot...I don't have the UMD anymore.
  13. AMC shows Youngstown's 92-3021/3022/3023/3024 as H2.5s. 24 total H2.5s. Those are the "official" numbers that the MAJCOM has reported for years.
  14. 1355 & 1352 are permanent transfers to 48 AS.
  15. Bob, not aware of any stubbys going back to CI, sounds like a bad rumour, or maybe one went there for some temp purpose. Plan is for all stubbys to end up in 48 AS (plus some stretches); those 2 Baltimore tails are permanent for LR. BRAC law says all Baltimore Js out by Sep 2011. It would make sense that St Joe's birds would go to LR ANG to replace Es.
  16. FYI, 1787 will most likely be one of the last E's to retire, probably NET 2013...so she still has a ways to go. Will most likely finish out her time in the AD FTU.
  17. Bob, Dyess Hs go to LRF, replace 62 & 53 Es...
  18. What they'd LIKE to do with these 4 tails and what is going to happen remains to be seen. There is no $ against them...and with a new budget on its way I bet there won't be. My $.02...
  19. $70M is about right when you include the spares/support equipment for the aircraft. For just the acft itself it would be less, depending upon which negotiated purchase lot you're looking at. Each lot is individually negotiated w/ LM...the bigger the lot, the cheaper the price. Better value for the taxpayer when you buy bulk, kinda like Sam's Club...
  20. I wouldn\'t worry about this one yet...there\'s a big difference between what the US \"proposes\" and the Iraqi\'s \"want\"...
  21. Check Rolls-Royce for -15 upgrades. They\'re peddling one.
  22. 1864 had almost 37K EBH and because it was due PDM, I would think that\'s why it was retired. 1837 was definitely restricted...remember once they hit AD the hours pile up quick...
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