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  1. just a question, when this is happening, you guys dont have the APU holding the ESS buss, right? That could explain why you never get it on #3. i would imagine the tech data for that should be out there with you. has anyone looked in the FE's -1? there very well could be a note in there for this. look in the EP's for rejected TO. let me know if you need/want me to look in it, and i will
  2. come to think of that repair kit, i think it is just for changing out the pump motor.
  3. 29000 is the highest I can remember. popping the safety valve TII have 110 lb/hr packs
  4. i just did a tank replacement. if you go that route, make sure you have everything, everything, everything before you do it. i would also get the new conversion stuff out of the jg. expect corrosion if it has been leaking at all. if its just the tank leaking a little though, just b1/2 it and move on.
  5. knowing the limited history of the hc-p/n and mc-p a handful of these planes did "special missions" and would get modded to do them. i am by no means an expert though. i am however curious about them actually doing fulton recoverys. those radomes would crack if you look at them meanly...i could only imagine what a lift line with a person attached would do. i would imagine something similar to what happened to you with 551 skip.
  6. I would say the best is Balad AB. yakisoba nights were always the best!! Of course, Bagram with the pasta bar was pretty good too. breakfast is sad anymore. fit to fight took out the best part. crunchy bacon!! turkey just never gets crisp
  7. hmmm i got the "oops, i forgot to set the brakes engine runs" dont find out till you agressively take the throttles to reverse. there is a pucker factor there... i have one with guys riding the tug like a surfboard, with guys walking behind smoking ahhh in the desert changing the FLIR ball on a combat shadow without a trailor...one guy bear hugging the ball while 2 others unbolt it.
  8. 551 that is a good bird! mod queen for a while, but always flew amazing
  9. I could only imagine what that must have sounded like! the regular radomes were very thick and to have that fail...crazy. I remember seeing the 46 radome up at Duke when I was working them. I was 551's active duty dedicated crew chief when I left in 05. I just wish I knew all the history those planes had back then when I was working them. it blows me away how much the T1 shaped what we do today!!
  10. oh how i miss 551! they totally should have brought the three from the boneyard to kadena. odd, i didnt think they got har pods till mod 90
  11. I have been looking all over the net, and I can't find the picture I'm looking for. SOOOOO, does anyone know where I could find a picture of 64-0551, c/n 4046 during Project 46 testing with tiger teeth? Thanks!!!
  12. no idea why they would use that gun...they couldn't hit anything with it during testing on the u-boats
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