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  1. Go slicks, no matter the location you will eventually fly the J-model. I'm like Dave in WV that I'm a little biased to the legacy birds, it's all I've flown and really like the Eng and Nav. That being said it really doesn't matter where you go, if you get J's GREAT! If you get E's at the 61st even better (my Alma Mater ) You'll appreciate the J when you get it. If you are looking for mission; go slicks, learn the mission/aircraft then go AFSOC... I did and life is great.
  2. Where are all the Dyess H's that have the Laircm fairings going? 61st/53rd? Only 2 AMC E-Model Squadrons left as far as I know? Oh well... We'll all be "J" before we know it, well most of us that is
  3. The first rule about Tepper Aviation is you don't talk about Tepper Aviation... Just kidding guys cheers
  4. Seems like the minds that be would have referenced this technology when they decided to outfit 130's with MLS. How many of those MLS approaches are still out there? Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess. Cheers
  5. Some K9P, an air sample (garbage bag running through the cargo compartment) or the radar calibration with the fire fighters gloves on... ahh newbs are so fun to screw with
  6. H3s do have dual INUs, I haven't flown an H3 in almost 2 years but from what I remember they all had 2.
  7. Plaprad, What's the tail number of the W? Also got many hours in the H3 so those brought back memories.
  8. Apparently they've narrowed it down after replacing the idcu's, bicu's, and the ins, that was as of today.
  9. All H3's and planes with the 241 radar are considered AWADS capable, it's the crews that have to be AWADS qualed.
  10. I believe it has the same radar as the H3(APN-241 Color Radar), so yes it does have a WX radar among other modes. Oh yeah having no Nav I think it would be a good assumption that it does indeed have a display amongst the MFD\'s. Cheers
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