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    DOS Feb 67-Feb 71 Sheppard, Tripoli, Moron, Pope, TDY Mildenhal,Athens,Ramstein, Rhine Maine
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    Pittsburgh Pa.
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    Retired Steelworker & Building Maintenance Supervisor

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  1. We lost Cecil Coutts on Saturday. We were crew chiefs at Pope AFB in 1970 and remained friends ever since .He was a great crew chief and a better friend. He will be missed by all that knew him.
  2. I was stationed at Moron AFB in Spain with the 67th ARRSQwhen this happened. We were going to send one of our Rescue Birds with pararescue jumpers in case he ditched it in the water. They canceled the mission , stating that they shot him down because he didn't have enough fuel and he was headed to a populated area. Who Knows for sure?
  3. Robert, We had that system on my H model at Moron AB Spain. They tried to snag a barrel filled with concrete with disastrous results. I posted 2 pictures in mishap section of Gallery. Don Edwards
  4. Worked 65-0962 from 1968-70 while stationed with 67Arrs. at Moron AFB Spain. Remember it as being a reliable Acft.
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