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  1. http://caracalmodels.com/cd72062.html
  2. Back pay to the date the claim was filed. Good for you.
  3. IIRC the WC-130E's had the same system as the WC-135's, so why not use those pods again?
  4. News report says a small fire broke out after landing, so they probably foamed for that reason. or they were bored:eek:
  5. Great quality. Just need to finish the cave, then hang it. Thanks.
  6. Just ordered version 1. Thanks
  7. BWS

    Blind Bat

    Oldthread (I know), The Air Commando Association is another place she can go. I'll send her an e-mail later today with that data.
  8. CCT/SOWT/PJ require it. Those guys are probably TACP 18th ASOG @ Bragg or Weather Guys from 18th WS @ Bragg. I would bet TACP though.
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