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  1. you gotta love how Hummer fanboys are folks who never had to work on them or haul them around.
  2. Looking through Bob Daley's gallery the last H model is a Japanese air force bird tail #85-1086 c/n 5435, Next up is an RAAF J model with c/n 5440
  3. Looks good, Think you can climb up top and tell us how many formation lights are on the wings?
  4. At this point all I can say is go with what the manual is telling you.
  5. I see what you mean there is a difference between wings in the photo. Those arrows are pointing at the form lights on the right wing. also that bird has the original B model wings. Marine birds got upgraded with new outer wings in the 80's but they still had the form lights.
  6. I'm going on memory here, But I remember the wing formation lights being aft of the fuel tank access panels on the outer wings. Size wise they where more like 3 maybe 4 inches at the most. 8 inch seems more the size of a landing light. Those are dry-bay access panels behind the engines they where set into a larger stress panel for maintenance.
  7. KC 130 F (B Models) had tubes in just about everything in the under deck rack.
  8. Gonna need a lot of elbow grease to buff this one out, poor girl.
  9. All aboard both planes survived, But I don't think they will be able to buff that out.
  10. Marine air crews where using still them in the late 80's. And the loads had slip-sticks.
  11. Its so you can check your hair and your shades before stepping out the crew entrance door.
  12. -7 and -17 engines differ in that the turbine section is 3 stage (-7) versus 4 stage in newer versions cant really see any difference from the ground. E models typically have a/c unit scoops flush to the right side fuselage along with a gtc with clam shell doors by the left wheel well. Most H and up models have an a/c scoop that sticks out of the fuselage and right wheel well fairing along with an apu in place of the gtc that has a flap like panel that opens up at an angle when it's operating. And to further confuse you different services have their own avionics set ups.
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chile-plane-missing-human-remains-and-debris-c-130-hercules-air-force-plane-today-2019-12-12/ Unfortunate, Bird is former KC130R 160628. RIP to crew and pax.
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