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  1. Don't think things have changed much. Still the hardest, wildest and toughest place in the world.
  2. Would love to hear the stories. Some old timers here might like to get in touch with you guys. The Saudi's kicked everybody out when Yemen supported Saddam in the first Gulf war. They paid for and bought these aircraft. These boys have had a pretty tough time over the last 20 years supporting the aircraft during the embargo. They tell me stories about the fucked up yanks who used be here. Some of them are still here and maybe would like to get in touch. Yemen not changed. Beautiful country. Great flying.
  3. Hi Guy's, got a problem with the ice detection system i can't seem to resolve. The fault is that during taxi the system on light is coming on and will not go off by putting the master switch to reset. The light will go off by pushing the light out button. During testing on EGR the following is happening. #2 system is testing ok, but after testing #3 the no ice light comes on after about 5 secs. I've changed ice detectors, ice interpreters and a couple of suspect diodes but i still have the same fault. (Spare parts are very suspect here though.) Every time i try and work my way through the troubleshooting guide i get different results every time i carry out the same tests. Two things i have noticed. After putting the switch to test, you are meant to intermittantly put the master to auto and reset for 10 secs with the on light going off and on and then staying on. The light is going off at first reset and then staying on no matter how many times i go back to reset. The other thing is that except for the above fault #2 system is testing fine but the no ice light is coming on within 5 secs during testing #3. If i then try to test either system the on and no ice light come on immediately i put the switch to test. Wait a few minutes and then i'm back to the original problem. Any ideas would be most appreciated. We have mechanical ice detectors.
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, i got a big bonus coming but i think the job satisfaction was worth more. 4825 should be coming my way, but time for a little R&R first.
  5. Will do. Will be suporting her for at least a year. 4825 now grounded for PDM but havn't been offered the contract yet.
  6. Pictures managed using Tiny's C-130 cursor.
  7. Fantastic flight. Thanks again.
  8. My lady is in western samar, and lite a candle for a safe flight. Apart from a few avionics snags this was the best flight.Everyhing worked. Nothing better than doing high power runs and then flying on your 130. Many thanks again. Long day, A few cans of beeer and some music in order tonite. Spend the day at 18k checking out a full test. She performed perfectly.
  9. Very pleased to announce that 4827 was airborne out of Sana'a at 07.30 this morning for a very successful FCF after 6 years on the ground. Many,many thanks to all the guy's that have helped me out with info,advice, part numbers etc over the last couple of years to make this flight possible. Aircraft returned to service 6 hours after landing. Once again, many thanks. Trev.
  10. That will be fine. Will give you a call tomorrow. Is that Abu Dhabi? Hope to FCF within a week. Many Thanks.
  11. Got a couple of guys that have just rebuilt props after overhaul from the packing case. Testing them now.
  12. Yeah, we do to. I'm afraid after recently purchasing a 50 metre roll of fabric my engineers our still going to have to use their old fashioned hand skills to cover holes in the aircraft for the forseeable future. I'll avail them of the new technology when this runs out in about 10 years. Probably save my company several thousand dollars in the process.
  13. I also had the same problem ordering material. Never did find a part number but my T.O. says to use Irish Linen or Grade A cotton fabric. Any good aircraft textile supplier should be able to provide it. Transparent dope is used to apply it. I got the part number from the aviall catalogue.
  14. Hi Don. Yeah, i'm very close. Just waiting for the other a/c to be grounded for PDM on 15th April so i can take back my engine, prop, DG gyro, heat exchanger, etc that i've had to loan them to keep it flying. Hoping to fly around end of April. This will be her first flight in six years.
  15. I've had a similar problem twice over the years. If the wiring harnesses check out good there is a couple of things you can try. Change the fuel pump assy. The one i took off we checked out on the bench by turning the shaft, sometimes it would turn smoothly and other times it would seize up. The strangest uncommanded shutdown i had turned out to be the T.D. amp. Engine shutdown and wouldn't start. Started in null fine and ran up to full power. Swich back to Auto and engine shutdown. Amp change cured the problem. Good luck.
  16. Is there an ultimate life for fire extinguisher spheres other than the 5 yearly hydrostatic check?
  17. trev130eng


    Anybody got a copy of the FCF schedule for a C-130H? The Yemen Air Force copy is 1970's vintage. Many thanks.
  18. Read The Book. Nice one guys. You Have The Balls To try. Hope i can buy you guys a cold one. Trev.
  19. Flying low level, with a cool box ready to drop, with every ration we have on board. That is a man. Skip, Done it. Thumrait, Jag pilot. We Flew. Andy Skene . Every Wadi Checlked out. The pilot ordereded everybody on search and rescue. We searched to bingo fuel back to Seeb Madinah to Kuwait, We had change the fuel nozzles, theromoulpes, and filters because of the oil. Kuwait was a mess. Lady going home. Sorry guys, lady is back to the Phil's.
  20. You would not believe the state of some of the Russian aircraft i share a hangar with. However, they seem to keep on flying. They only lose about one a month.
  21. trev130eng


    Any info about the crew of the P-3 that went down in the sea after take off from Masirah about the mid 90's? Circled the site many times before the aircraft was recovered but never heard if the crew made it out.
  22. Need more help with a couple of part numbers i can't find in the IPC. Anybody have the numbers for the screws in the flight deck overhead trim panels and the button clips for the trim at the side of the pilot seats? 4827 nearing completion, refurbishing the flight deck trim at the moment but IPC not very helpful. Last flight was 07.02.2004. Left to rot for 2 years but nearly ready to go back where she belongs. Many thanks.
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