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  1. Many thanks. This has been a great help.
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    What is the maximum recommended calender time regardless of airframe hours between depot level maintenance and where can i find this information? Many thanks.
  3. Had a problem i have never resolved. Engine will not start with TD. Amp switch in Auto. Switch to Null and the engine will start and get you home. On shutdown, no need, the engineer justs put the switch back to auto and the engine will shutdown. TD. Amp change cured the problem. Any ideas? Trev
  4. I am looking for the T.O. Number for rebuilding -117 props out of the box after overhaul. I am also looking for the T.O. Number for installing overhauled engines into the QEC. Can anybody give me an NSN or manufacturer for the LT-27 rear lord mount inspection guage, and the part numbers for the weighing scales and adjustment cone to weight and balance the flight control surfaces. Any help would be most appreciated.
  5. LMAS SB-729 issued on 03-06 1999 was introduced to inspect the upper torque tubes for incorrectly drilled holes causing an interference between 357669/373901 link and 339613 lug attaching hardware installed on the 373900/339135 upper torque tube assembly on some aircraft. This interference occoured due to holes being drilled at incorrect locations in the 339613 lug. "Quote" A properly locked crew door will not open in flight. The crew door should be latched and locked in accordance with the applicable Hercules Maintenance Manual. If the master door warning light is off then i think the rigging is ok.
  6. Nice One. U.K. already running out of experienced enginneers. Who is going to be around to teach!
  7. Hi Doughy, long time Dude. What you up to now? You sure you don\'t want a job? My current staff come from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Burma. (Sorry, Myanmar). Good guys though. Rob Donnelly out here for a while, He\'s back in the UK now but off to Norway soon with Mr. Angry. Heard a lot of old faces at Marshalls now. Things not that desperate out here yet to go there. Keep in touch, my e-mail address is [email protected]
  8. Pic file to big. Will try again.
  9. Here is a pic of 4827. 4 years since last flight. All trestling had to be locally manufactured and maintenance stands borrowed from the Russians. Everything else has to be imported. Fifth Yemen civil war just ended a couple of weeks ago. Sounds of battle rattling the hangar doors. Rebels came close to taking the airport. Al Qaeda active in Sana\'a. Explosions, gun battles, suicide bombings and kidnappings almost daily. I am looking for more engineers, anybody interested?
  10. Mobil Jet II has been the oil of choice for the Oman & Yemen Air Forces for many years. Never had any problems with it. Did Yemen ever get their second herk flying? Bob
  11. Sorry guys, my mistake. MSN\'s of the two Herks here are 4827 & 4829. Many thanks for the part numbers.
  12. Thanks for the appreciation of us European Herk engineers. We tend to only have a few a/c so we are more highly trained to take care of everything. I have always been surprised that even in a war situation the Americans need so much support because they need so many specialists. I have worked with you guys so many times in the last 20 years and you are good. During the last Gulf war we provided a hangar in Muscat and it was funny when the towing team was bigger than the Brit staff.
  13. When you come back from running special forces training in the desert and have a 45 minute turnround time to prep the a/c for a scheduled passenger flight, there is no time for adjusting tyre pressures, so you have to compromise. With soft sruts and 80 psi in the mains, i never got stuck in the sand or on a rocky strip and never had a blowout in 15 years. As Steve1300 says\' maybe i got lucky, or maybe we found something that worked. Also, carry an iron plate with you for emergency jacking in soft conditions with your spare tyre. It dosn\'t look good when the jack goes down instead of the a/c going up. I learnt that one on Ascencion Island during the Falkland war. With an overloaded Herk and a soft surface it is time to throw away the book and make it work.
  14. I\'m currently rebuilding a Herk in Yemen that has been grounded for 4 years. We are a few months away from flying but working with limited TO\'s and are stuck for some part numbers. Can anyone help with the part numbers for aft nacelle fairing or \'D\' panel anchor nuts, inbd & outbd and fuel tank indication boundary plug \'O rings\'. Also any part numbers for the old style dzus fastener type overwing filler caps would be much appreciated. The a/c is a basic late 80\'s H model MSN 4872. Many Thanks.
  15. The Gyro was so that the King would always be facing Mecca in his sleep if he ever had to fly on the A/c. Each medical ship would be lucky if it flew 25 hrs a year. Equipment on board was unbelievable. I was working fuel cell at the time and was tasked with changing the external tank fuel pump. They forget to tell me the last third of the tank was an APU. Late 80\'s was fun time in Jeddah. Never forget Lockheed City compound.
  16. Might be something to do with the brake selector valves. Had an aircraft lose normal brakes while on taxi when touchdown relay failed.
  17. Airbus use imperial. You can use your toolbox to fix any western aircraft, military or civilian, Airbus or Boeing. We all use Snap-On or Bluepoint. You do not have to re-tool. I am ex- military fixing aircraft all over the world. Metric tools are for eastern bloc aircraft.
  18. Normally changing the control box will fix it. If not investigate the inconels. They can be disconnected at the breaks and checked with a multi-meter. The bad one will normally show up easily, or new inconels can be slaved in at in the breaks for troubleshooting without changing them.
  19. The only fuel topping that i know is during the pitchlock check of the Prop during an EGR after a prop change. Make sure that the RPM guage hits 104% (indicated) during the check to make sure the FCU has taken over the governing. In the field you cannot check evereything to Lockheed specs but you can make sure the engine is working. As to the prop oil check, the Canadian system of checking prop oils every 28 days with two guys is very workable. This system has been adopted by the Brits and has reduced our low prop incidents to a manageable level. The only time whe get prop low oil level lights is due to a malfunctioning low level float valve. In 15 years of flight line ops we never had a problem with incorrect prop oil due to incorredt servicing.
  20. I would like to get in touch with any engineers or aircrew who have had experience working with the Yemeni C-130\'s or Crew, either in Yemen or RSAF when were seviced there. Heard a lot about you guys from the oldtimers here, especially Brit aircrews. Also interested in hearing about any stories from the guys and girls who passed through Muscat during the Gulf wars about the Brit 130 hangar at Seeb airport. We were glad to be of service. Any tales about what you got up to at Thumrait or Masirah will be appreciated. To all C-130 people, Keep them flying and nice one. Take care.
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