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TCAS Fail around 10000 Feet


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Had to do some reading. TCAS gets it's altitude input from the transponder (IFF) which in turn gets it from the pilot's encoding altimeter. At least on older models. Because it is happening at 10K, I'm going to assume it may be a bad altitude input (or lack of one) instead of the TCAS system.

Disclaimer: It's been a few years!

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While I appreciate the kind input of my helpfulness, it has been a while. Definitely do what n1dp said, check the altitude inputs. Antenna lines have cause very weird problems. They can be checked using a RFLTS. If the problem seems at exactly 10k feet, it really would be an altitude malfuntion. I need to look at some old books to see if there is a missing signal on one of the inputs that would cause this.

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