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An USAF F16 is escorting a Hercules when the F16 pulls a perfect roll right around the Herc. The F16 pilot then comes over the radio: \"lets see you try that then\"

The Hercules crew ponder for a moment....then shut down number 1 engine. The Herc crew come over the radio: \"lets see you try that then\"!

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During the early 80\'s, a medical emergency occurred at Marion Island in

the South Indian Ocean. Our B-models don\'t have external tanks, so the

only way to extend the range, to make the relief flight possible, was

to alternate shutting down outboards and inboards ....

The mission was ultimately successful, medical supplies were dropped, and

a life was saved

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Dont know the story behind the photo, its a wall photo at the 550th that I scanned before I left.

The paint job puts the photo in the 60\'s or early to mid 70\'s I believe, yes it does look like the air deflectors are open, it was and is permissible to open the paratroop doors for refueling with the E model doors, they have the little round windows as opposed to the P model door that have a large square window. Its not a problem as you are normally refuel at 115KIAS (god, I think thats it?!?!?!?).


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