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Shakey Brakes


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My ears are old and tired from 40 years on a flight line, but I don\'t know that I have ever been able to hear brake noise during taxi. I have heard them while towing an aircraft, though. If I were to hear noises like that on taxi, I\'d be taking all four wheels off and look for damage done to axles and such. A noise THAT loud cannot be good.

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During taxi, there is a vibration coming from the the MLG, both squeling and grinding. Upon insp of the brakes and tires there was no defect noted?? Just curious if anyone has run into this problem before!? All call to the experienced guys on this one!!

What kind of brakes do you have? I have no experience with the single disc. Howewer the multiple disc makes alot of noice nust the way it is. Keep in mind the disks are "brought" in at rotational motion by the keys inside the rim. They are NOT hold by any sort af bearing:eek:. So the brakes sound like their full of rocks just bacause the way their constructed. If it squeeks more than usual I would start to look for loose screws or loose braking pads on the actual brake.

It would surprise me tha t the bearing would cause this noise....

best regards


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On your After flight inspection, do you feel you main wheel rim temps? A hotter than normal rim, compare to others, might indicate brakes that are binding.

Also what we found with some of the multidisc brakes was that the inner disks(middle) wear faster than the outer disks. The brake still looks good but on a real close inspection the inner disks are worn to the metal, when applying brakes the whole airframe shudders with a grinding noise.

Then an unlikely thing to happen but not impossible, was the correct axle spacers fitted?


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Can't ever remember hearing a Herk brake squeal, lots of clanking and roaring though. I have seen the inner bearing left out during a tire change. Not a pretty picture. Were the inner bearings taken out and inspected. With the inner bearing grease seal in place it is hard to see if all the rollers are in the bearing. Bad inner bearing would side load the brake and axle big time. Sounds serious whatever you have...If it's squealing...it ain't happy!!

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