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62-1787/spare 617


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IIRC 1787 was the plane I was on when the AC decided to land with a thunder storm over the airfield. The scavenge flow lights and the fuel low pressure warning lights came on for engines 3&4 when we dropped 50' on final. A cross wind gust turned the plane about 40 degrees off heading when we dropped. I didn't think I'd ever get the seat cushion out of my butt.

John, I bucked rivets for Dickie and Ron many times cleaning up the scab patches. Roger Young's bird (1824?) had a petrified snake under the cargo comp. floor.

When we got the E model that had been shoved off the runway with a bull dozer it had a constant write up for excessive aileron trim required. We had a Lockheed tech rep at the time and he had the crew chief write down the numbers on each wing's placard. One wing was a B model wing that had the pylon tank bracket and plumbing added. It was cleared for a one time flight to depot for an outer wing change.

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Sam, could you post the "Tennessee Loadmaster" article that you wrote many years ago about our friend Charlie Schaub. There are a lot of new folks here who could be inspired by that great hero's story.



Muff, I somehow missed your post. The story is at www.sammcgowan.com/shaub.html.

By the way, I'm not sure if it is working out or not, but a few months ago I was working with the Wings Over Houston air show people and the folks at Little Rock to have that airplane brought to Houston for this years event - October 23-24. Attendees at the TCTAA convention are planning to go up to see the show on Saturday.

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Spare 617 has gone to the USAF Museum. I just posted the link in the News Forum.

Col. William Cauldwell was at the ceremony welcoming Spare 617 to the USAF Museum.


I replaced Charley Shaub on Capt. Cauldwell's crew 1972. Flew with him for several months until he DEROSed out of CCK.

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